6 Fascinating Fish Species with Extraordinary Abilities

6 Fascinating Fish Species with Extraordinary Abilities

In addition to their strange and unique appearances, there are fish species that possess special abilities:

  1. Lungfish Lungfish (scientifically known as Salamanderfish) is a freshwater fish famous for its ability to live on land. They can survive for several months without swimming in water, and even for years. Their bodies are large and fleshy, with numerous dorsal fins and a rough reddish-brown skin that resembles rocks. They often hide among coral reefs to hunt for prey. When they identify their prey, lungfish can swiftly snap and swallow it in just 0.015 seconds.

The reason behind this ability is that, in normal fish species, swim bladders help maintain balance while swimming. However, in lungfish, the swim bladder has evolved into lungs to extract oxygen directly from the air. Their fins have also transformed into functional limbs.

When there is water available, lungfish swim normally and feed on small fish and crustaceans. However, during dry seasons when their habitats dry up, lungfish burrow deep into the mud, consuming mud through their mouths and passing it out through their gills. Once they reach a sufficient depth, they secrete a slimy substance through their mouths to harden the mud, creating a cocoon-like structure. Only their mouths protrude outside to access the air.

  1. Electric Eel The electric eel is a dangerous “aquatic monster” found in the Amazon River. It possesses a unique ability to generate electric shocks through specialized cells called electrocytes located on its sides. These shocks can reach up to 600 volts, enough to incapacitate a horse.

The electric shocks from this creature can cause cardiac distress or respiratory failure in humans. When attacked by an electric eel, individuals can become disoriented and even drown.

Electric eels use low-voltage electric shocks to locate their prey and then deliver stronger shocks to immobilize and kill their prey.

Electric Eel (Electrophorus electricus) can generate up to 220 volts, freshwater, Steinhart Aquarium, San Francisco, California
  1. Clownfish Clownfish have orange bodies with three white stripes and are mostly found in shallow waters of the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea, and the Western Pacific Ocean.

According to Mother Nature Network, clownfish are hermaphroditic animals with the ability to reproduce as both males and females. Interestingly, in a school of clownfish, the two largest individuals function as the reproductive pair, forming the only male-female couple in the group. If the female dies, the dominant male will change its sex and become the breeding female. The next largest male will quickly develop into the mature male and pair with the new female.

  1. Siamese Fighting Fish Siamese fighting fish, also known as bettas, are popular fish species in Thailand. They possess diverse colors and beautiful, round, and stretched fins, making them favored aquarium pets.

In addition to their vibrant appearance, Siamese fighting fish are known for their unique ability to change color. The color patterns on their bodies can adapt to their surroundings, even reflecting their mood.

Siamese fighting fish are also known for their intelligence. They can be trained to follow a finger or push a ball into a goal. They are famous for their aggressive behavior and are often used in fish fights.

  1. Barrel-eyed Fish The barrel-eyed fish (scientifically known as Macropinna Microstoma) is a peculiar fish species with tubular-shaped eyes located inside its head and protected by a transparent shield filled with fluid.

Their eyes are highly sensitive to light and contain greenish pigments, allowing them to survive in the deep sea while hunting for prey and avoiding predators. Moreover, their eyes can rotate, enabling them to look straight ahead or upward to observe their surroundings. Barrel-eyed fish inhabit deep-sea regions in temperate and tropical zones of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans. They spend most of their time remaining stationary in the water using their large, flat fins.

  1. Stonefish The stonefish (Verrucosa), also known as the reef stonefish, is often found in coral reefs in Australian waters. These fish can grow up to 50 cm in length and possess 13 sharp dorsal spines that contain venom.

The venom from stonefish can cause cardiac arrest if accidentally touched by humans. In addition to their venomous nature, stonefish have a bulky body with multiple dorsal fins and a rough reddish-brown skin that blends in with rocks. They often camouflage themselves among coral reefs to ambush prey. Once they detect their prey, they rapidly lunge and swallow it within 0.015 seconds.

These are just a few examples of fish species with extraordinary abilities and unique characteristics. Nature never ceases to amaze us with its diverse and fascinating creatures.

Hoan Le