Charming House: A Beautiful Blend of Creativity and Feminine Touch

The Dacha – Pure Inspiration! A cottage filled with lovely items and furniture made of natural wood.

This house is pure inspiration for creative people, and it will be particularly interesting to women, I think.

Instead of brown door frames, white paint could have been used. It would have been bright and elegant!

After all, it’s usually women who are inclined towards sentimental details, the use of unusual colors (especially in peachy-pink tones), and an abundance of textiles. Men usually either don’t participate in creating a special interior, trusting their wives, or choose neutral, subdued tones.

But not here. Here, there is a collection of plates and cups, cozy checkered pillows, and red window frames.

This same living room is a dining room from a different perspective – a decorative window between the rooms expands the space, and the contrasting blue-violet color of the kitchen visually separates the areas.

Lovely accents like curtains throughout the house tell a purely rustic story.

And here is the living room – a small room with a fireplace, bookshelves, and a chest that not only serves as a coffee table but also a storage space.

The bathroom. There is no running water or plumbing here – it’s a common feature in Scandinavian country cottages. Even if you don’t use any amenities there, you still have to pay for their connection. That’s why people choose not to connect the water supply in their cottages and prefer to wash in a bathhouse.

As I said, it’s a purely feminine boudoir.

And here is the hostess herself. The house suits her very well!

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Nhat Dang