A beautifully Charming Scandinavian-Style Cottage

A beautifully Charming Scandinavian-Style Cottage

I am captivated by the beauty and simplicity of this cottage. It gives the impression of being filled with abundant light, providing an easy and welcoming atmosphere.

It feels like a house straight out of a children’s book about Petson and Findus. The owner particularly appreciates traditional Swedish houses with red-brick exteriors and white trim.

The ground floor features ceramic tiles, while the second floor boasts natural wood flooring. The walls are adorned with painted paneling and wallpaper. It’s all about the skillful combination and color coordination.

The way they precisely matched the color of the lower part of the wall with the floral wallpaper in the dining room is remarkable. To achieve such accuracy, they first found wallpaper with the desired colors and then selected the same color from the paint department’s color palette.

As is often the case in Scandinavian interiors, the predominant color scheme is white or creamy, milky ivory.

The kitchen, in the shape of a letter “P,” is highly functional despite its compact size, occupying the entire perimeter of the room. This clever arrangement allows for ample storage space.

Even the countertop is white. Plastic is much more practical for daily use on a countertop compared to natural wood.

I appreciate that they used the same wallpaper pattern in the kitchen, study, and living room, but with different color schemes. This creates a varied color palette for each room, complemented by the different shades of paneling on the walls.

In the children’s rooms, they opted for other wallpapers with tiny floral patterns, almost imperceptible. These wallpapers serve as a subtle background.

It’s delightful that the girl’s room isn’t adorned in an overly girly pink; instead, it features a dusty rose or coral hue. It’s a color that won’t grow tiresome quickly, and it offers versatility for choosing complementary elements.

Overall, this cottage resonates with a soulful and relaxing ambiance. It’s truly enchanting.

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Nhat Dang