A Classic English-style Private Garden, Beautiful and Full of Fairy Tales

A Classic English-style Private Garden, Beautiful and Full of Fairy Tales

Let’s embark on a virtual garden journey. Meet Charlotte-Ann Fiddler, the gardener who used to work in the fashion and cosmetics industry. Her garden is located in Wiltshire, and it exudes a distinct English charm.

Let’s take a look.

The style of the garden is very romantic, with a lot of lilac hues. Roses, catmint, and boxwood are frequently found here.

Roses are grown in mixed plantings, including the blue-lilac flowers of ‘Mrs Kendall Clark’ geraniums and ‘Six Hills Giant’ catmint. They are housed in boxwood containers.

All the flower beds have been redesigned from scratch. When Charlotte-Ann bought the house, the garden was neglected and overgrown. “When we first saw the house, I only noticed the lovely trees, the overall greenery, and a couple of old roses. I didn’t spot the rampant ivy and ground elder on the borders. It took me two years to get to grips with them before I could even start planting (and I’m still battling them).”

“One Sunday in June, we arrived here and were instantly captivated. The house stood hidden behind stone and brick walls, on a triangular plot of land on the western outskirts of the village. It had a moss and sedum-covered stone roof.

And the view from the windows was breathtaking. It was impossible to forget that sight.”

Another feature of the garden is its container section. The garden owner loves adorning the entrance with flowers in every season. This type of garden isn’t cheap. There’s no room for cutting corners. It requires beautiful pots, numerous plants, and bulbs. The scene needs to be changed and watered regularly.

It’s not easy, but the effect is striking.

Did you notice the wire grid for milk bottles?

There are more roses in boxwood containers and on the wall.

From this picture of roses alone, it’s instantly recognizable that the garden is in England.

It’s a beautiful family garden, and what’s interesting is that it was conceived and created by non-professionals.

Nhat Dang