Enchanting Design: A Dreamy Manor on the Swedish Island of Gotland

Enchanting Design: A Dreamy Manor on the Swedish Island of Gotland

This extraordinary house on the Swedish Baltic has everything you need for an idyllic summer experience. Join me on a journey of inspiration!

Swedes typically take about three weeks off during the summer, but it’s not uncommon to extend that to three or four weeks. Many people leave the city and go camping, stay at their own or their friends’ and family’s summer cottages, or embark on road trips or train journeys across Europe. Regardless of the destination, it’s all about taking some time to appreciate the wonders of nature during this time of year.

As you probably know, the Swedish weather can be quite unpredictable. Although we have been enjoying exceptionally warm and sunny days lately, next week’s forecast predicts plenty of rain. Nowadays, greenhouses have transformed from gardening spaces to cozy shelters, offering the perfect setting for dining or taking afternoon naps when the weather is not on our side.

Swedes are experts at seeking out sunny spots. In the garden, it’s not uncommon to find multiple areas designated for following the sun’s path throughout the day. I adore this dining area, nestled under the branches of a tree, overlooking the fields of Gotland.

This picturesque limestone manor, situated next to a church, gazes out over the surrounding farmland, providing ample space for solitude. While I absolutely love my children, school summer holidays can become intense, and having some alone time is crucial.

The main room is incredibly spacious, accommodating both a sitting area and a dining space. You can also retreat to play the piano if you desire.

It’s rare to find a home on Gotland without a locally sourced grey sheepskin throw.

The wooden cladding adds a delightful touch to the storage in one of the children’s bedrooms, particularly the green hue, which brings nature indoors and imparts a serene atmosphere.

I find A-frame ceilings awe-inspiring; they add a remarkable dimension to a room. Additionally, the presence of old wooden beams is simply dreamy!


Isn’t this children’s room charming?

One remarkable feature of these limestone houses is the thickness of their walls – just look at the window area! The rough texture of the walls beautifully captures and reflects the light.

Although the dining spot mentioned earlier is perfect for al fresco suppers, I can easily imagine enjoying a fika (coffee and a slice of apple crumble) right here.

This place is a haven for unwinding during the summer. Scratch that – I can envision myself living here all year round. What about you?

Nhat Dang