Charming Island Getaway: A Dreamy Swedish Cottage in Yellow Rapeseed Fields

Charming Island Getaway: A Dreamy Swedish Cottage in Yellow Rapeseed Fields

A Cottage on Gotland Island (Sweden) with a Cast Iron Stove, Natural White and Green Interiors Amidst Yellow Rapeseed Fields

This house is like a reflection of the feelings and emotions of its owners. A reflection of a dream, as it’s rare to find a solitary house next to cultivated fields without fences and bars on the windows.

I often receive comments about showcasing Swedish homes but not writing about our homes in Russia. Do we not have good houses? Of course, we do have such houses, but they are few.

The realities of our lives force people to choose the best possible option, and it’s not always beautiful and harmonious. Since wood is very expensive now, wooden-framed houses cost more than stone ones, and a wooden fence made of larch costs more than a corrugated metal one.

Siding can be bought at a store, but wooden trim pieces need to be ordered and awaited from the production. The problem lies in delivering construction materials to rural areas and local manufacturers.

Therefore, we have far fewer beautiful, spacious houses with delightful views from the windows. People are hostages to cities and their work.

Currently, I am searching for a house in the countryside with my family. We are in the process of obtaining a mortgage, preferably a rural one. Let’s see how it turns out. I hope that soon I will be the one hauling old furniture into my home and painting the walls white.

And this handsome one amazed me with its beauty—a homey, cozy, bright space filled with various shades and textures. The yellow fields are quite beyond what’s usually achievable (as a solitary house without a fence on the outskirts of a field gives off a self-made vibe), but it’s beautiful, no doubt.

A summer cottage where reading books feels fantastic. A soothing color palette of white and olive with hints of faded pink.

The attic floor is a serene and calming place. Only beds, open hangers, nightstands, and chests for storage. The absence of clutter enhances any home.

It’s wonderful when everything is done with love. Thank you for your attention, please leave your comments.


Nhat Dang