A Fairy Tale Bond: A Baby Lynx Joins the Doggy Gang

A Fairy Tale Bond: A Baby Lynx Joins the Doggy Gang


Once upon a time in Russia, there lived a woman named Anastasia Poznyakm, a true cat person with a unique household. She had not one, but two majestic lynxes named Geralt and Bulochka, who lived alongside six energetic huskies, a Samoyed, and a Northern Inuit dog. This extraordinary family was like something out of a fairytale.

Anastasia, although fond of kittens, faced the challenge of integrating a cat into her bustling home. However, in Russia, it was legal to adopt a lynx cub from fur farms. Thus, she made the decision to bring a baby lynx into her loving and diverse family, believing she could provide it with a happy and fulfilling life.

The first lynx cub that Anastasia brought home was named Geralt, after the renowned Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher. Initially, she was uncertain whether the cub would fit in with her dog pack. To her surprise, Geralt quickly became a part of the gang, as the dogs accepted this new and different species into their home.

The lynx cub was showered with love and care by its canine brothers and sisters. The dogs exhibited remarkable tolerance and patience, allowing the mischievous lynx to playfully nibble their tails, chew on their ears, and even snooze on their bellies. They generously shared their food with the lynx, although Geralt himself was known to occasionally indulge in some thievery.

The dogs took on the role of babysitters for the lynx cub, always keeping a watchful eye on their little brother and engaging in playful activities with him. One dog, Banshee, even took the baby lynx under her wing, forming a special bond that amazed Anastasia, their human mother.

Inspired by the successful integration of Geralt, Anastasia decided to adopt another baby lynx when Geralt turned one year old. This time, it was a sweet little girl named Bulochka, meaning “bun” in Russian. Anastasia poured her love into raising and taming both lynx cubs, and her efforts paid off. Now, Geralt and Bulochka have grown into magnificent and friendly big cats. They have developed a deep affection for their doggy siblings and refuse to be separated from them. This unconventional gang spends their days playing, eating, and chasing each other, creating a harmonious and enchanting atmosphere in Anastasia’s home. In this extraordinary tale, the love and acceptance shared between different species remind us that bonds can transcend boundaries. Anastasia, Geralt, Bulochka, and their doggy gang have taught us that family can be defined not by blood, but by love and companionship. And so, their unique story continues, reminding us of the magic that can exist in our own lives when we open our hearts to the unexpected.

Hoan Le