A Heart-Wrenching Scene: Grieving Mother Dog’s Emotional Efforts to Dig up Her Deceased Puppy.

A Heart-Wrenching Scene: Grieving Mother Dog’s Emotional Efforts to Dig up Her Deceased Puppy.

The video depicts a heartbreaking incident in which a grieving mother dog persistently uncovers her deceased puppy. Kookie diligently digs through the tightly packed soil until she locates the male pup and pulls it out of its makeshift grave by one of its legs. With all her strength, she licks and nudges the lifeless body, hoping to revive her beloved offspring.

The video’s owner, Kaye de Luna, explains that Kookie had previously experienced the loss of a puppy during her first pregnancy, so she must be saddened by the loss of another one. Kookie clearly cared deeply for her entire litter, even those that didn’t survive. Witnessing this scene is genuinely heart-wrenching.

On May 17, Kookie gave birth to a litter of puppies, but one of the smallest and weakest pups passed away overnight. Kookie began barking loudly as she realized what had happened, alerting everyone in the household. The owners discovered the deceased puppy and buried it in an unmarked grave in their garden without informing Kookie.

When they later took Kookie for a walk in the garden, she immediately headed towards the burial spot. Kaye, the owner, chose to let Kookie grieve in her own way and cope with the loss of her puppy. The sorrowful video shows Kaye in tears as she witnesses Kookie mourning the loss.

Initially, Kookie dug into the ground until she recognized the scent of her puppy, which motivated her to keep digging. After some time, she managed to retrieve the motionless puppy by uncovering a portion of its body.

The mother dog then used her nose to lick and nudge the puppy, attempting to revive it. Towards the end of the video, Kookie paused and turned her attention to Kaye, who was deeply moved by this heartbreaking incident.

The popular video demonstrates that when dogs lose their puppies, they also experience pain and loss. Like other female dogs, Kookie possesses an innate instinct to lick and nudge her puppies. By digging up her deceased puppy, Kookie made a final attempt at resuscitation, as she was going through her own form of closure.

It is widely known that dogs grieve for their human companions, so it is not surprising that they would feel similar pain and loss when losing a puppy.


Nghia Pham