A Miraculous Birth: Woman Gives Birth to a Newborn the Size of a Walking Toddler, with a Head as Big as a Melon

A Miraculous Birth: Woman Gives Birth to a Newborn the Size of a Walking Toddler, with a Head as Big as a Melon

Ruby Eden, 24, left midwives in awe when she gave birth to her son Teddie. Weighing a staggering 12 pounds, Teddie entered the world on August 1, 2022, at 5:45 pm, eight days past his due date at Warrington Hospital.

Initially, doctors had estimated that Teddie would weigh around 9 pounds, but his actual size surprised everyone. When the midwives attempted to weigh him, he was so heavy that he caused the scales to topple over. Teddie was born with a condition called polyhydramnios, which results in an excess of amniotic fluid during pregnancy.

Due to his size, Ruby and her husband Chris, 27, had to dress Teddie in outfits meant for three-month-old babies since newborn clothes were too small for him.

Recalling the moment she first laid eyes on her son, Ruby expressed her shock, saying, “He was like a toddler. He was massive.” The midwives and her family members were equally taken aback by Teddie’s size. Ruby mentioned that her baby bump during this pregnancy appeared smaller compared to when she was pregnant with her daughter.

Teddie’s head was particularly remarkable, resembling the size of a small honeydew melon. Newborn hats were too small for him, and the nurse had to find an extra-large baby hat to fit him. Even on the scales in the operating room, Teddie’s weight was a challenge, almost tipping them despite being a newborn.

While Ruby had anticipated a larger baby due to her previous experience with her 9-pound daughter, she was still taken aback by Teddie’s weight. She expressed gratitude for having a C-section rather than a natural birth given his size.

Teddie faced health challenges early on, spending time in and out of the hospital at six weeks old due to liver issues. However, he is now seven months old and thriving, enjoying playtime with his older sister.

Although Ruby and Chris don’t plan on having more children, Ruby wonders if another baby would be as big as Teddie. She noted a pattern of increasing size with each pregnancy, leading her to believe that any future child could potentially be even larger.

Despite the unexpected circumstances, Teddie brings immense joy to his family with his happy and cheerful nature. Ruby and Chris are incredibly proud of him and grateful to have a healthy and thriving son, who continues to be considered exceptionally large for his age.

Nghia Pham