A Nigerian mother of twins celebrates her quadruplets’ first birthday.

A Nigerian mother of twins celebrates her quadruplets’ first birthday.

Images of a Nigerian mother cradling triplets and a quadruplet have captured the attention of social media users, who admire and hope for such precious gifts. In the photo, Chindinma Offor, the proud mother, embraces her first children, twins – a boy and a girl – as she commemorates the first birthday of the quadruplets.

Expressing gratitude to God and her family for their support in raising her children, Chindinma Offor shared her story and accompanying stunning images:

“This journey has been quite challenging. When my first set of twins, Koby and Kaira, were born, I thought I had experienced it all. But oh no, not until the quadruplets arrived. During my pregnancy with them, I faced challenges with my household staff (they always knew when to cause trouble). I promptly sent them home out of frustration. While heavily pregnant (around six months, but looking like I was nine months pregnant), I took care of my household with the help of my dedicated husband.

We wanted to prove the doubters wrong, that despite my condition, we could handle everything. I cleaned, vacuumed, and cooked against my doctor’s advice. Yes, my husband is Obiajulu Poco Okafor! My devoted husband. I would marry him again in the afterlife. He bathed Koby and Kaira, fed them, cleaned the house, assisted me in the kitchen, and stayed up with the twins until they slept, all while managing the stress of his profession. He prays for hours by my side, sometimes even falling asleep while praying. Despite his busy schedule, he did all this.

At one point, I experienced false contractions due to stress. My husband instructed me to pack some clothes because the medical team at LIFE HOSPITAL AWKA would take care of me. I cried, not out of fear, but because I contemplated the challenges. While my husband was in distant Awka, I worried about who would care for my children and how they would be fed. How would they go to school? How could my husband take care of all of us at the same time? I cried so intensely. Little did I know that God had everything planned.

The children were taken to my in-laws. Pius Ifeanyichukwu Okafor, my sister Maureen Okafor, and my mother, Chukwu Gold, were there for them. I am grateful to my in-laws, Chioma Paul, and my mother, who provided excellent care for my babies. Sometimes, my mother would drive them to school before rushing to work. My sweet mom, I admire you. They shared the responsibility of caring for my infants while we were apart. I was overjoyed when Koby and Kaira visited me in the hospital; they had gained weight and seemed well taken care of. Koby and Kaira still woke up every three hours during the night to feed, and I wondered how my mother and sister were managing. But my sister found a way to handle it, a story for another time.

The birth of my quadruplets at 32 weeks marked the beginning of a new journey. These past months have not been easy. They required a temperature of 1 degree Celsius to be maintained (especially after vaccinations), which allowed me to sleep for no more than 30 minutes per night. At times, I questioned the necessity of vaccinations as they made them quite ill. Everything about their care has been challenging. They all require equal attention and need to be fed simultaneously. I had planned to use three different outfits for this photoshoot, but in the end, we only used one. Koby and Kaira

Nghia Pham