Enchanting Garden Haven: A Passionate Female Entrepreneur’s Stunning Paradise

Enchanting Garden Haven: A Passionate Female Entrepreneur’s Stunning Paradise

My name is Anna Lyubimova. I am a mother of three children and an entrepreneur, and I am passionately interested in gardening. Today, I want to share the story of creating the decorative part of my garden, the different areas it consists of, my favorite plants, how I take care of them, and how they are connected to my work.

Our garden is located in the north of the Moscow region, and we bought the plot 12 years ago. At the time of purchase, it was just a bare 25-acre field.

The soil on the plot is sandy, and the groundwater is very deep. I didn’t have any knowledge or experience in landscape design, but I had enthusiasm and energy to create my little paradise.

A Big Dream of Living in a Own House In my childhood, I dreamed of living in a big house. After watching the movie “Home Alone,” I fell in love with the prosperous life of a large family and started dreaming of the same.

So, my dream was to become a successful woman with her own business, happily married, living with a noisy and friendly family in a big house surrounded by a heavenly garden.

The Path to the Dream Before moving to Moscow and getting married, I remember returning from school to my parents’ cramped apartment near Arkhangelsk and dreaming.

I closed my eyes and imagined very vividly what my future home would look like: white walls, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, a large kitchen with an island, lots of houseplants, and, of course, a garden where I could grow whatever I wanted.

I was 100% certain that this dream would come true. I just needed to make an effort: build a career as an economist, earn money, and fulfill my dream.

In Moscow, in 2010, our first child, Savva, was born. A year later, Kirill came into the world (a gentle, obedient, slow, and wise child beyond his years). Unfortunately, with the arrival of the little ones, I had to put my career as an economist on hold and fully immerse myself in raising the mischievous kids.

Oh yes! Those were very challenging times for me: no nannies, grandparents nearby, only my beloved spouse. Mothers of little ones understand what I’m talking about. But everything changed when THEY came – THE GINGERBREADS!

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