Beauty and Romance of a Self-Created English Cottage Garden in Germany

Beauty and Romance of a Self-Created English Cottage Garden in Germany

Amidst the ordinary German houses, there stands out a charming English garden adorned with blooming roses. Behind the slightly crooked wooden fence, hidden away, are shady and beautiful corners adorned with flowers.

This house with its garden is located near Lake Ammersee in Bavaria and belongs to Sarah, a 45-year-old woman, and her husband. They have been living here with their three sons for almost 11 years. Sarah was born and raised in Munich, studied marketing in the United States, and worked in France and Switzerland for a while.

However, in 2008, Sarah and her husband decided to return to their homeland and started looking for a country house near the lake. All the houses were quite expensive, especially considering the upcoming renovation costs. That’s when the couple realized that building a new house would be much cheaper. They purchased an empty plot of land measuring 500 square meters and began construction, which took about six months.

Sarah, who grew up in the city, always dreamed of rural life, a house with a garden and flowers. She admired antique English gardens with their rustic charm and abundant roses. She searched for a specialist in Germany to create such a garden around their house but was unsuccessful.

Determined, Sarah armed herself with stacks of magazines and books. She immersed herself in English gardening TV shows. She decided that she would create an English garden around their new house no matter what.

Over the course of 11 years, the empty plot underwent transformations, and Sarah’s dream became a reality. She grew around 60 varieties of roses, as well as phlox, anemones, tulips, verbena, evening primroses, cosmos, ivy, climbing plants, and much more.

Surprisingly, the small garden surrounding the house doesn’t look small at all. Winding stone paths lead to shaded nooks, where cozy spots for relaxation can be found. One can discover a tea table in one place, swings in another, flower beds, or a spot for summer naps.

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