A Small Balcony Garden with Various Flowers Helps Housewives Forget All Worries

A Small Balcony Garden with Various Flowers Helps Housewives Forget All Worries

Not only does a balcony garden satisfy the passion for gardening since childhood, but it is also a place where housewives find peace and relaxation in the busy city life.

Everyone has their own hobbies and interests. Some enjoy traveling, while others are passionate about singing. For Sharon, a housewife, her simple pleasure lies in planting and caring for plants every day.

Fortunately, Sharon’s apartment has a spacious balcony. With an area of about 25 square meters and facing south, it is ideal for creating a small garden at home.

To have a better view of her balcony garden, Sharon decided to redesign her living room. The wall separating the living room and the balcony was removed, and a large glass window was installed, allowing more sunlight to enter and providing an unobstructed view of the balcony scenery.

Based on the weather conditions, Sharon chose roses as the first plants to grow in her garden. These flowers can thrive even in hot summer weather. Moreover, climbing roses create a visually stunning floral wall.


With just six rose plants, Sharon’s garden achieved an unexpectedly impressive effect. The pink and orange blooms covered the surrounding fence, creating a romantic scene that made all the neighboring apartments envious.

Petunias, paper flowers, and blue snowflakes are all easy-to-grow plants. Their notable feature is abundant flowering and a relatively long blooming period. The presence of these flowers keeps the balcony garden vibrant and colorful.

Sharon didn’t neglect the balcony railing either. She arranged colorful potted flowers in a way that captivated anyone who looked at them.

For Sharon, gardening is a source of joy in life. To maintain a thriving garden, she doesn’t require extensive technical knowledge. One important factor is that the balcony receives sufficient light and ventilation. The most crucial aspect to pay attention to is the quality of the soil.

Since most of the flowers are planted in pots, regular nutrient supplementation is necessary. If possible, adding some organic fertilizer will greatly enhance the effectiveness.

With a spacious balcony of about 25 square meters, Sharon can grow various types of plants. It is also a place for her to relax, unwind, and engage in her favorite conversations.

Being surrounded by a myriad of fresh flowers and enjoying the clean and refreshing air, Sharon feels both mentally and physically at ease. Perhaps, this is the incredible benefit that a balcony garden brings, which is hard to achieve when living in a bustling and crowded city.

Nhat Dang