A Supermom with an Unstoppable Pregnancy Streak Gives Birth to an Incredible 12 Children

A Supermom with an Unstoppable Pregnancy Streak Gives Birth to an Incredible 12 Children

Courtney Rogers, the supermom of 12 children, has not only managed to handle the challenges of raising such a large family but also maintain her sanity and keep everyone happy. The journey to having 12 kids was not planned from the beginning for Courtney and her husband, Chris. They initially started their family without the intention of having so many children, but over the years, they embraced the idea and now have a perfect brood of 12.

The couple’s eldest son, Clint, was born on March 30, 2010, followed by five more boys and six girls. Courtney mentioned that it worked out amazingly because they had all their boys at the beginning and the last five turned out to be girls, creating a balanced family dynamic.

Each child holds a special place in their parents’ hearts, and Courtney sees each birth as a new chapter in their lives. Despite initial thoughts that 10 children would be the maximum, Courtney felt young and healthy enough to continue expanding their family to 12 children, including a set of twins.

In addition to their 12 children, the family lives on a farm and cares for over 200 animals, such as pigs, sheep, and chickens. They believe in teaching their children responsibility from an early age, including the care of animals.

A typical day in the Rogers household is a busy and fulfilling one. It begins with a large breakfast at 8 a.m., followed by lessons in math and art. Lunch is served around 11:30 a.m., where Courtney feeds the younger ones sandwiches and puts them down for a nap while the older kids prepare their own food. The afternoon consists of language classes, art, reading time, and occasional Zoom piano lessons. The supermom then serves a substantial dinner at 5 p.m. During meals, the family consumes 24 eggs and a whole box of cereal every day.

Aside from taking care of the children, Courtney also manages to keep the house tidy before putting everyone to bed at 8:30 p.m. She has developed expertise in managing her family on a budget and is willing to share her knowledge with others.

Despite the challenges, Courtney and Chris are devoted to their large family and strive to create the best life possible for their children. Their love and dedication have allowed them to embrace the joys and responsibilities that come with having a big family.

Nghia Pham