Timeless Charm: A Swedish Cottage Over 80 Years Old, Blending Antique Treasures

Timeless Charm: A Swedish Cottage Over 80 Years Old, Blending Antique Treasures

With its white walls and ceiling, simple and durable furniture, and a clear atmosphere inside the house, along with a terrace that hosts all the summer country life, this is a Scandinavian-style country house that everyone loves.

The house has a layout in the shape of the letter “G,” creating an inner courtyard that is protected from winds, with a canopy shielding it from rain and scorching sun. It is in this courtyard, along with a small well-maintained garden, where the owners spend most of their days.

Built in 1938, the house doesn’t reveal its age of over 80 years. It is well taken care of, repaired, and repainted, which is why it still stands strong.

In the garden, traditional Swedish benches are placed, and there is an identical one in the kitchen as well. Over the years, the armrests of the bench have been polished to a shine by the hands of the household members.

The house not only exudes a clean Scandinavian style but also incorporates a touch of maritime influence. This can be seen in the presence of blue color and its shades, glass lanterns both inside and outside the house, and a small ship decoration in the bedroom.

The kitchen is quite small and even acts as a passage starting from the house entrance. This is, of course, due to the limited space of the house. However, on the other hand, it is convenient! It is easy to carry groceries and prepared dishes outdoors.

For the Scandinavian style, white color, natural wood, floral motifs, woven decorations, and furniture, as well as red checkered or striped textiles, are characteristic.

The living room is very cozy, featuring a white sofa. By the way, using furniture covers made of dense fabric is very convenient! It allows for maintaining cleanliness and order in the house without the need for expensive dry cleaning.


Nhat Dang