Girl’s Heartwarming Assistance to Abandoned Pregnant Dog Gives Birth to 14 Adorable Puppies ( VIDEO Story )

Girl’s Heartwarming Assistance to Abandoned Pregnant Dog Gives Birth to 14 Adorable Puppies ( VIDEO Story )

On a chilly Christmas Eve, Mam Nata, a pregnant dog, was left abandoned in front of our shelter. She was approximately 9 weeks pregnant and close to giving birth. When we discovered her, she was in a feeble state, unable to stand up. Not only was she physically weak, but she was also terrified, and it took some time to calm her down.

Her owner had abandoned her out of fear of handling the upcoming puppies. When she first saw us, she displayed a defensive behavior, using whatever little energy she had left to intimidate us and protect herself. However, as time passed, she gradually let her guard down and became friendly towards us.

Observing her bulging belly, it was evident that there were around 13 or 14 puppies inside her. Considering her frail condition, we scheduled a medical examination for her the next day. That night felt never-ending, both for Natajuli and for us, as we anxiously awaited her ultrasound to ensure her well-being.

Fortunately, the results of the ultrasound were positive, and Natajuli was allowed to return to our shelter. She would receive the necessary assistance during the delivery of her babies. And so, the journey began.

One by one, Natajuli brought forth her precious offspring. The first to arrive was a remarkably clever little boy. Can you believe it? Natajuli gave birth to a total of 14 beautiful puppies. It was truly a sight to behold.

Looking at her joyful face, we couldn’t help but celebrate her accomplishment. Natajuli had done an amazing job. Following the delivery, we promptly took Natajuli and her 14 newborns for a quick check-up, including ultrasound and blood tests. She was in excellent health, and her puppies were thriving, chubby bundles of joy.

The reunion between Natajuli and her puppies was an emotional moment. I could hardly contain my tears when I witnessed the beaming smile on her face. And oh, those puppies were incredibly adorable. I couldn’t resist the urge to shower them with kisses.


As the days went by, Natajuli’s babies grew stronger and bigger. They spent most of their time sleeping and growing, bringing us immense joy and fulfillment. I could spend an entire day just watching them and taking care of them.

This heartwarming story reminds us of the incredible bond between humans and animals. Mam Nata’s journey, from abandonment to finding a safe haven and giving birth to 14 little miracles, is a testament to the power of compassion and the difference that one person, in this case, a young girl, can make in the life of an innocent creature.


Nhat Dang