Abandoned Two-Legged Puppy Learns to Move and Now Protects His Owner

Abandoned Two-Legged Puppy Learns to Move and Now Protects His Owner

The story of Putol, an adorable dog from Luzon, Philippines, truly leaves everyone speechless. It is a testament to the extraordinary resilience that characterizes the animal world. His story not only demonstrates that love can often make a difference but also that hope can reward us with unexpected joys. Without the fighting spirit of this little dog and the loving support of his human, Putol’s story would have undoubtedly had a different outcome.

Putol had to face two major difficulties in his life. When he came into the world, the dog – whose name means “chopped” in the Tagalog language – was born without hind legs. But the challenges did not end there for Putol. His first owner, with great cruelty and irresponsibility, decided to get rid of him shortly after birth, abandoning him on the streets and leaving him to his own fate. Later, someone thought of picking him up from the streets and putting him up for sale along with other puppies.

That’s how, six years ago, Danilo Codilego Jr. met Putol. “At the time, I was working in a bakery,” the young man recalled. “One day, a colleague came in with four puppies. He was trying to sell them for 5,000 pesos ($151) each.” Danilo emphasized that the other puppies were quickly sold, and nobody wanted Putol, the poor two-legged pup.

After that encounter, Danilo couldn’t stop thinking about the adorable little dog. So, he decided to adopt him and take care of him. For the first two years, Putol was unable to walk in any way. Then, gradually, he learned to walk on his front legs. From that moment on, nothing could stop him. As Danilo highlights, Putol behaves like a guard dog, being very protective of his owner and the property they live in. Moreover, he loves roaming around his neighborhood, where everyone has embraced his story. “I have no worries when I have to travel for work because everyone takes care of him,” Danilo said.

The remarkable journey of Putol showcases the indomitable spirit of animals and the power of compassion. Despite his physical limitations, he has found love, support, and a purpose in life. His story serves as an inspiration to all, reminding us that with determination and care, even the most vulnerable beings can overcome challenges and make a positive impact on the lives of those around them.

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