Acts of Kindness Warm Up Istanbul’s Chilly Streets for Stray Animals

Acts of Kindness Warm Up Istanbul’s Chilly Streets for Stray Animals

As a blizzard swept through Istanbul, bringing biting cold temperatures, a heartwarming sight unfolded amidst the freezing weather. Residents of the city rallied together to show compassion for the abandoned animals struggling to survive in the harsh conditions. In a display of empathy, several shopkeepers extended a helping hand by opening their doors to provide shelter for stray cats and dogs, offering them a reprieve from the cold and a safe haven to rest.

Arzu Inan, the manager of a Penti shop, exemplified this compassionate spirit by inviting stray canines to find warmth within her store while customers went about their business. In a heartfelt Facebook post, she emphasized that true warmth comes from genuine care and love. Selçuk Bayal, another animal lover, went even further by welcoming a dozen stray cats into his café, despite the potential impact on his business. His selfless gesture demonstrated the power of kindness in the face of adversity.

The Atrium Mall became a refuge for both management and concerned customers to come together and support these vulnerable animals. Ali Celik, one such caring customer, witnessed a group of stray animals outside the mall and observed individuals providing them with cardboard to rest on and blankets to shield them from the cold. This collaborative effort to care for these precious creatures highlights the capacity for humanity to unite for a common cause.

Not only did the animals find shelter, but they were also nourished and tended to. Celik, in an interview with the Dodo, expressed gratitude for the selfless individuals who chose to help without seeking recognition, stating, “Their goal was to aid the animals, not to showcase their assistance.” Many exhausted and vulnerable animals found solace and relief from the freezing temperatures, thanks to the collective efforts of those who contributed and demonstrated empathy. The compassionate acts of these shopkeepers and customers, who opened their doors and hearts to those in need, undoubtedly saved lives. Their actions serve as a beacon of hope and inspire others to follow suit, proving that even in the face of nature’s challenges, the warmth of human compassion can provide solace and healing to those who need it most.


Nghia Pham