Adorable Baby Elephants Melt Hearts

Adorable Baby Elephants Melt Hearts

During the first three months after birth, baby elephants may appear clumsy, but they are incredibly cute with their innocent actions.

Two baby elephants are extremely adorable next to their parents.

Newborn elephants usually weigh around 120kg and stand at about 90cm tall.

When they are born, baby elephants look a bit messy and are often cleaned by their mothers before they can stand up.

During the first three months, they can be quite unsteady.

At this stage, they often struggle to control their bodies and frequently stumble.

Baby elephants nurse from their mothers for about five years.

Afterward, usually around 12 years old, the male elephants will leave the herd and live independently, while the females remain with their families for their entire lives.

The innocence displayed by the two baby elephants.

The baby elephants seem delighted while playing in the dirt.

The adorable posture of a baby elephant.

Two baby elephants cuddling beside their mother.

The irresistible charm of a baby elephant.

“No need to worry about getting lost!”

The baby elephants play and frolic under the watchful eyes of the adults.

The baby elephant plays with a ball.

The baby elephant follows its mother across the river.


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