Adorable “Giant” Twins: From 7 Months to Wearing 18-Month-Old Clothes

Adorable “Giant” Twins: From 7 Months to Wearing 18-Month-Old Clothes

In a delightful twist on the usual norm, these twins have proven that sometimes bigger is indeed better. Alexis LaRue, a 22-year-old mother from Minnesota, USA, recently sparked a social media frenzy by sharing a video of her holding her twin daughters. What captured viewers’ attention wasn’t just the heartwarming sight of the twins, but their impressive size. At 7 months old, Camila and Elena have tripled their birth weight, defying the typical growth trajectory of twins.

Usually, twins tend to have lower birth weights compared to singletons. However, Camila and Elena have bucked this trend and left everyone astonished with their size. Born to their 49kg mother, Alexis, who reached 82kg during her pregnancy, the twins were born in March of this year. Camila weighed in at 2.8kg, while her sister Elena tipped the scales at 2.9kg. Now, each baby weighs approximately 9.5kg, an astounding rate of weight gain that has garnered attention.

This attention, however, has also brought a bit of skepticism, with some people speculating that Alexis might be overfeeding her babies. She vehemently denies this notion, asserting that she takes the best care of her children. “I get a lot of suspicions about overfeeding them, but forcing babies to overeat is almost impossible. Pediatricians also feel that their size does not affect the health situation, they are simply babies that grow very quickly,” Alexis clarifies.

Despite their young age, Camila and Elena are curious about new foods and often stare at their mother’s meals with eager anticipation. Alexis, who had always longed to be a mother, recalls the thrill of seeing her two babies during her first ultrasound at 6 weeks. The unexpected surprise of having twins, a rarity in her family, only added to the joy of the moment.

The twins’ rapid growth has even led to some practical challenges. Alexis and her husband had to buy an entirely new wardrobe for the twins, as they outgrew their initial clothes faster than expected. Remarkably, despite being only 7 months old, Camila and Elena are already wearing clothes meant for 12-18-month-old children.

What began as a simple way to alleviate boredom, posting clips of her twins on social media turned into an unexpected whirlwind for Alexis. The sight of these “giant” twins has captivated not only their parents but also a global audience, leaving us all marveling at the wonders of growth and the extraordinary journey of these two remarkable babies.

Nghia Pham