Aesthetic Beauty of a Wooden Cottage in Poland: A Dream Getaway

Aesthetic Beauty of a Wooden Cottage in Poland: A Dream Getaway

At first glance, it seems like an ordinary country house or rural cottage, of which there are many in our country.

Yes, this one was just like all the others.

It is located in Mazury, in the northeast of Poland, on the border of Russia and Belarus. Once upon a time, life was bustling here, but after the war, people started moving to big cities, and tranquility settled in.

Only with the rise of rural tourism, life returned to this region. After all, they say it’s a very picturesque area.

The current owner’s parents used this cottage as a vacation home, but over the years, they ran out of energy to maintain the house and the land in good condition, and they decided to sell the cottage.

That’s when the “For Sale” sign appeared on the familiar fence, and something tugged at the hearts of the owners’ daughter when she saw this poignant scene. It felt as if one era of life had ended, while another had yet to begin. She decided not to sever this connection of warm feelings and chose not to sell the cottage but to renovate it according to her own tastes.

She decided to use a heavenly color palette, taking the colors of wood, white, gray-blue, gray, and blue as the foundation. This way, the interior becomes lively, yet romantically relaxing, solely dedicated to leisure.

For textiles, she used shades of beige, pale pink, and milky tones

I appreciate that the result is a bright interior in a country style, highly functional, lively, and perfectly suited for a leisurely life in the countryside.

This house has a very large plot, with no neighbors within five meters, allowing for the omission of curtains, full-length windows, and enjoyment of nature.

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