“Ancient Future” Post-Apocalyptic Glamping Unveiled in the Utah Desert

“Ancient Future” Post-Apocalyptic Glamping Unveiled in the Utah Desert

Almost 100 hectares of the southern desert in Utah have been transformed into a glamorous glamping site called OutpostX. Ten futuristic accommodations, each designed in a unique style, are meant to provide adventurers and romantics with an unforgettable experience, offering a fairytale-like vacation under the stars, akin to being on the set of a science fiction film. Here, guests won’t have to worry about feeding mosquitoes in uncomfortable tents or sleeping on the ground. The developers of these eco-friendly dwellings have taken care of their guests’ comfort, immersing them in the world of the “ancient future.”

Great news for enthusiasts of extraordinary getaways who prefer to unwind in the lap of nature without compromising on comfort and in an unreal setting. A new glamping site covering 100 hectares of “lunar landscape” in the Utah desert is opening. Located near seven national parks, this new hotel complex allows guests to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the region in a truly unexpected environment: the bottom of a lake that turns into a cracked clay landscape during the summer. This otherworldly spectacle, resembling a barren science fiction desert planet, transforms into a frozen water expanse in winter, with mesmerizing marble patterns created by the frost (referring to the stylistic design of the glamping site, of course).

Travis Chambers, the founder and visionary behind the post-apocalyptic-themed Outpost X, explains his decision: “Having visited places like Tulum, the Sahara Desert, and the Middle East, I was always amazed by the unique atmosphere and the surreal feeling of the surroundings in such places. This inspired me to create a space that deviates from the typical principles often found in US hotel architecture. The Outpost X project is a testament to this inspiration, offering an accommodation experience that transports guests into a new and captivating world.”

The Novate.ru editorial team would like to note that the project is in its final stages, and guests will be able to experience the “ancient future” and stay for a couple of nights as early as August this year. To make this happen as soon as possible, the organizers launched a campaign on Indiegogo (a global crowdfunding platform for creative projects) and have already raised over $672,000.

It’s worth mentioning that the concept of creating an extraordinary hotel complex belongs entirely to Travis Chambers, who has extensive experience in the media and hospitality industry. The press release states: “Travis Chambers previously led a company called Chamber Media, where he regularly built, transformed, and dismantled unreal sets for shoots, with costs starting at $100,000. This experience inspired him to create a vacation concept reminiscent of the most surreal backgrounds from movies, yet substantial enough to withstand the test of time and provide unforgettable experiences for guests. He is a pioneer of the design aesthetics he calls the ‘ancient future,’ combining prehistoric times with modern luxury and the science fiction of future worlds. In this project, he has embraced nature as the foundation of his designs, intertwining it unexpectedly with innovative technologies.”

Key features of the hotel complex: At the time of opening, the glamping site will consist of 10 units designed according to four unique concepts, incorporating stunning elements from various architectural styles popular in different parts of the world. The Chamber Stays team, responsible for developing the OutpostX project, took about two years to allow guests to step into this otherworldly realm, into a realm beyond the understanding of ordinary people.

The Fantasy Lux collection represents an impressive artistic triumph for the company, designed to fully immerse even the most seasoned travelers in an unexpected cave-like world. The standalone unit in this block features panoramic windows and a skylight, offering breathtaking views of the surroundings and filling the interior with natural light. Guests can enjoy a retractable stargazing bed, a tropical shower on a stone platform, a pull-out sofa, and a fully equipped mini kitchen for ultimate seclusion and comfort.

There is also the “Cave Villa” – a unique architectural masterpiece entirely created by human hands, although it resembles an ancient human dwelling – a natural cave. The exterior of the “cave residence” is designed using the technologies of the leading company Universal Rock, which has achieved significant results in the development and production of realistic materials (in this case, artificial stone). The rough finish and textured surfaces, replicating the structure of natural boulders, add charm to the hotel room, whose interior would be envied even by the most fashionable hotel. Guests of the “Cave Villa” can expect natural finishing materials, luxurious furniture that provides maximum comfort (including an eco-bed that extends outdoors, revealing the starry sky), expensive textiles, necessary appliances (each room has a concealed split system as a mandatory feature), and plumbing fixtures.

Speaking of stars, the project creators invite guests to enjoy an unforgettable observation of celestial bodies in complete privacy, in a room called the Zen Dome. The transparent dome and special glass used in the bathroom provide an unreal view of the starry sky. It is worth mentioning that the cuboid structure of the bathroom, living room, and kitchen area consists of one-sided mirrored panels that eliminate light pollution (light emitted from artificial sources that penetrates the lower layers of the atmosphere and illuminates the night sky) without obstructing the view.

And finally, on the glamping site, everyone can fulfill their childhood dreams of living in a treehouse. Built by the renowned TV presenter and survival expert Matt Graham, the Balinese-style treehouse, named “Sky Lodge,” offers a breathtaking view of the entire “lunar landscape” with the dried lake bed. The king-size suspended bed hanging from the ceiling adds a sense of adventure to the space, and the “sky terrace” is the perfect spot for stargazing, enjoying stunning sunsets, or a romantic encounter with the rising sun.

The organizers of the eco-lodge promise that guests will have access to a sauna, a spa center in a stone cave and dome space, a swimming pool, a therapeutic clay bath, a communal campfire area, and an earth dome with a refrigerator and ingredients for cooking healthy campfire meals (chef-developed recipes included). The highlight of the adventure is expected to be the “fleet of sand cruisers” provided to visitors for transportation across the vast glamping area (100 hectares – no joke), which will be reminiscent of a real landspeeder from “Star Wars.”

When it comes to the organization of civilization’s amenities, solar panels are provided to meet all electricity needs, while water is supplied through artesian wells. For the collection, processing, and disposal of wastewater, an autonomous sewage system with innovative equipment is installed, which can provide water for irrigation systems. The OutpostX project includes a second phase of desert reclamation. The organizers plan to build a 380,000-liter water pond, plant a poplar grove using modern forestry methods that will help create lush vegetation, attract wildlife, prevent soil erosion, and contribute to a more comfortable microclimate for the new ecosystem and people, even in the conditions of the Southern Utah desert.

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