Baby, please don’t worry, everything will be okay!

Baby, please don’t worry, everything will be okay!

Meet Winston, an innocent four-month-old podenco, originally bred as a hunting dog. We may never know how his delicate jaw became fractured on both sides, but it was enough for the heartless hunter to abandon him. However, Winston’s life has only just begun, and he deserves a chance at a brighter future. Urgent jaw surgery is now his only hope.

Imagine, at such a tender age, Winston has already endured unimaginable torment and was left for dead. To his hunter, he was merely a broken tool, easily discarded. But to us, he is a precious treasure worth saving. With our unwavering support, Winston will not only survive but thrive after his life-saving surgery.

The day has finally arrived for Winston to undergo the critical procedure. His mouth harbors necrotic tissue that may pose post-operative challenges, but time is of the essence. Let us cross our fingers and light candles, as this surgery presents significant difficulties and will be a lengthy process.

Incredible news! Winston has emerged from surgery in high spirits. Following such an intricate and demanding procedure, thorough examinations are conducted to ensure his recovery progresses as anticipated. No signs of infection have been detected, and his joyful presence fills the halls of the hospital. Today, he was sedated for a comprehensive evaluation, confirming that everything is proceeding well. Winston, you’ve got this!

This brave little pup has adapted remarkably well to life within the clinic walls during his post-operative care. Winston continues to flourish, exceeding all expectations. Soon, we hope he will be able to join us at the Great House, marking another milestone in his remarkable journey.

In the most heartwarming turn of events, Winston bids farewell to the hospital and embarks on a new chapter in his life at his new home in the Big House. For the first time, he experiences the freedom to run and explore like any other dog, his eyes brimming with excitement in his newfound surroundings.

This is just the beginning of countless adventures awaiting Winston! We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who made this transformation possible. Together, we have shown that love conquers all, and with your support, Winston’s second chance at life is now a reality.

Nghia Pham