Beautiful Houses in Stavanger

Beautiful Houses in Stavanger

Renowned as the oil capital of Norway, this region boasts the largest assemblage of wooden houses in northern Europe, totaling approximately 8,000 charming residences. Each one possesses its own unique allure.

Among these houses, the oldest can be found in the historic district known as Old Town or Gamle Stavanger.

I am captivated by the delightful combination of pink and green adorning the exteriors of these white houses in Stavanger’s historic area.


As you stroll along the brick streets, it’s impossible not to feel a sense of joy from the inviting charm exuded by these cozy homes.


Even the shops and restaurants emit an atmosphere of happiness, with vibrant flag banners adorning the streets.

Stavanger boasts a marina where a plethora of red houses and buildings can be seen.

Situated in the heart of Stavanger is Norway’s oldest cathedral, constructed in the early 1100s. This exquisite church never fails to leave me in awe. I particularly enjoy exploring the interiors of ancient churches.


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