Beautiful Swedish House – Take a Look, You Won’t Regret It

Beautiful Swedish House – Take a Look, You Won’t Regret It

Roofs made of galvanized steel and larch shade a series of terraces in this house in southern Sweden, designed by a local architect.

Located in a pine forest near the coast, was designed for a couple who needed ample space both inside and outside to host large gatherings with friends and family.

Instead of prioritizing a specific view or direction, the studio used a T-shaped plan to create three terraces around the living areas that cater to specific needs at different times of the day.

Facing the rising sun to the east is a small paved courtyard between the entrance and the bedroom wing at the front of the house and the central living areas. A winding path leads from here to the main bedroom at the back of the house. To the west, a wooden deck extends the living spaces through full-height sliding doors.

The outdoor dining table and areas for evening relaxation overlook the garden, which leads directly into the adjacent forest. To the south, a paved inner courtyard with loungers and an outdoor shower is located next to the sauna, bathroom, and relaxation areas near the main bedroom at the back of the house.

Contrasting finishes are used on the exterior. Light Danish brick was chosen for the outward-facing sections to harmonize with the forest hues, while weather-resistant larch boards line the walls surrounding the terraces. Along the edges of these roofs, gutter chains are installed to help divert water, directing it into a series of landscaped flower beds next to the terraces.

Inside, the central living areas flow into each other, delineated by contrasting floor finishes—stone in the kitchen and wood in the living areas—and a brick fireplace that separates the dining room from the living room.

White walls and sliding doors create a minimalist backdrop to focus attention on the surrounding forest: the sauna is adorned with wood, and the bathrooms feature white-painted wooden boards.



Nhat Dang