Beloved: A Family’s Unconditional Love for a Puppy with a Deformed Face

Beloved: A Family’s Unconditional Love for a Puppy with a Deformed Face

Meet Arrow, a small dog whose journey through life has been filled with challenges and heartache. Despite his difficult beginnings, he is now embraced by a family that loves him just the way he is, deformity and all.

When Arrow was just a puppy, he arrived at the doors of PMM Rescue Inc., in a pitiful state. His jaw was severely broken, likely from a vicious bite inflicted by another dog. Sadly, his lower right jaw was beyond saving.

The smell emanating from his necrotic and infected jaw was akin to that of a decaying corpse. The only option left was to remove the dead bone. The veterinarians had to perform a delicate surgery, removing the entire lower right side of Arrow’s jaw along with a portion of the upper right side.

Dr. Sidhu, a hero in Bakersfield, California, took on the responsibility of performing this intricate and time-consuming surgery. He dedicated himself to saving Arrow’s life, providing the little dog with his undivided attention until the procedure was complete.

Although the assault left irreversible scars on his face, Arrow’s personality, bright and bubbly from the start, remained unchanged.

Thanks to a touching video that portrays his heartbreaking beginnings and, more importantly, his resilient and joyful spirit, Arrow’s story has gone viral. Love has surrounded him throughout, transforming him into a true warrior and beacon of light.

Arrow delights in eating, playing with a ball, learning new tricks, and, in the process, making a mess. However, his favorite activities include cuddling, slobbery kisses, indulging in naps, sleeping a little longer in the mornings, and accompanying his parents on long evening walks.

His family cherishes him for who he is, irrespective of his physical deformity or any limitations he may face. Despite being two years old, Arrow has never lost his puppy-like spirit, remaining active and playful throughout the day. He knows he is the most loved member of his family, relishing in it and freely being himself.

Although his crooked mouth often causes kibbles to spill, requiring his family to chase him around the house and clean up his messes, his owner wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world.

The story of this extraordinary dog unequivocally demonstrates that physical appearance bears no significance to the true worth of a puppy or a person. It reminds us of the timeless wisdom from “The Little Prince” that what is essential is invisible to the eye.

Nghia Pham