Bizarre Discoveries in Thailand

Bizarre Discoveries in Thailand

From souvenirs made of elephant dung to market stalls on railway tracks, Thailand, the land of golden temples, never fails to surprise its visitors.

Railway Track Market: The Maeklong Railway Market, located approximately 57.6 km from the capital city of Bangkok, is a bustling market set up along the active train tracks. Vendors have erected makeshift stalls and huts on both sides, where they trade their goods amidst the passing trains. This unique market has become a favorite spot for many tourists seeking an unforgettable experience.

Elephant Poo Souvenirs: At the Elephant Poo Poo Paper Park in Chiang Mai, tourists can personally collect elephant dung and participate in the process of crafting souvenirs from it. Typically, this organic material is recycled into paper, while some are transformed into eye-catching display items.

Rainbow Cheese Toast: The Happy Cheese Toast café in Thailand has introduced a mouthwatering treat – crispy grilled cheese sandwiches with a colorful rainbow filling. Many visitors to Thailand can’t help but be curious about the tantalizing flavors of this unique creation.

Insect-Based Cuisine Restaurant: In Bangkok, Insects in the Backyard is a restaurant that specializes in dishes made from insect ingredients. The menu here predominantly features European-style preparations using various types of edible insects.

Monkey Buffet Festival: The city of Lopburi has long been known as the “Monkey Kingdom” of Thailand. Each year, an unusual festival called The Monkey Buffet Festival takes place. During this event, locals and tourists prepare feasts filled with a wide variety of food and fruits exclusively for the monkeys.

Glass Bottle Temple: Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew in Thailand stands as a testament to creativity, as it was constructed using 1.5 million glass bottles. Instead of discarding used glass bottles, the community came together to build this remarkable temple.

Rediscover Thailand through these extraordinary wonders that continue to captivate and astonish travelers from around the world.

Hoan Le