Charming Baby Kim Ngan: A Bundle of Cuteness with a Healthy Appetite

Charming Baby Kim Ngan: A Bundle of Cuteness with a Healthy Appetite

In the heart of Can Giuoc, Long An, resides the adorable 11-month-old baby girl, Kim Ngan, daughter of Ms. Thuy An. This chubby-cheeked beauty has won hearts with her cute appearance and lovable personality.

Ms. An’s pregnancy journey was marked by normal eating habits, without the usual morning sickness. Despite her regular meals, she unexpectedly gained 36kg during pregnancy. When the time came for Kim Ngan’s arrival, her birth was gentle, though she weighed a substantial 3.7kg. An’s natural delivery was smooth, with minimal pain compared to conventional labor.

Shortly after birth, Ms. An experienced a hemorrhage due to the baby’s size, resulting in a loss of 920ml of blood. Fortunately, she received prompt medical attention and was able to rest in the postoperative room. After a few hours, she finally held her precious daughter in her arms.

Kim Ngan’s early months were characterized by exclusive breastfeeding. As she reached 6 months, the transition to solid foods began. Her diet primarily consists of rice and vegetable porridge, with her favorite dishes being fish and vegetables. However, due to her rapid weight gain, An made adjustments, emphasizing vegetable-based meals. Kim Ngan displays a love for fruits and vegetables, devouring them with gusto. A typical day includes breast milk feeds aligned with her needs, accompanied by one meal of porridge or vegetable rice.

At the age of 7 months, Kim Ngan demonstrated her hearty appetite by consuming porridge heartily, leading to a 2kg weight gain in a single month. An modified her meal portions and preparation techniques to promote balanced growth, resulting in a more steady weight gain of around 1.3-1.5kg per month.

Currently, Kim Ngan weighs a healthy 19kg and stands at 77cm tall. With her fair skin, round face, expressive eyes, and adorable chubby limbs, she’s captured the hearts of many. Kim Ngan’s journey into the world is a testament to the profound love and care bestowed upon her by her mother, Ms. Thuy An.

Nghia Pham