China’s Enchanting Rainbow Mountain Range: A Captivating Natural Masterpiece

China’s Enchanting Rainbow Mountain Range: A Captivating Natural Masterpiece

If you don’t have the opportunity to travel halfway around the world to visit the famous Rainbow Mountain range in Oregon, USA, then head to the Truong Dich Dan Ha Geological Park in the province of Gansu, China. This park is renowned for its extraordinary and vibrant colored rock formations, often referred to as the “Rainbow Mountains,” which captivate visitors with their beauty.

The Truong Dich Dan Ha Geological Park is consistently ranked among the top 10 must-visit scenic spots in China and was recognized as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site in 2010. Each mountain peak boasts an array of hues and intricate patterns, ranging from vivid red, hazelnut, and lemon to shades of yellow, orange, and sea green.

This unique landscape is the result of geological processes that have compressed layers of colorful sandstone and minerals over millions of years. Sandstone is a sedimentary rock composed of sand particles held together by cementing agents such as silica, calcium, and iron oxides. The specific composition of the cementing agents determines the brightness, grayness, or reddishness of the sandstone. These sandstone formations often form distinct walls and natural sculptures that are easily recognizable by their vibrant colors and unique shapes.

According to geologists, these magnificent formations took approximately 24 million years to form. The best time to visit this enchanting and fascinating scenery is during May when the weather is pleasant (with temperatures ranging from 8 to 23 degrees Celsius) and rainfall is minimal, allowing tourists to explore the rocky terrain safely.

Discover the mesmerizing Rainbow Mountains of the Truong Dich Dan Ha Geological Park, where nature’s palette has painted a breathtaking masterpiece.





Hoan Le