Colorful Wooden Houses in Bergen

Colorful Wooden Houses in Bergen

In Bergen, a city in Norway, the beauty of the houses lies in their vibrant colors. Most of the Norwegian homes are constructed using wood and have tile roofs. The combination of colors, such as the kelly green trim on the white house below, adds to their allure. The city’s charm is further enhanced by the presence of cobbled streets and walkways.

It seems that Norwegians have a penchant for landscaping every available space, regardless of its size. Perhaps this is a response to the long winters and dark days that prevail in the region. From mid-November to the end of January, the sun barely rises above the horizon. Personally, I find it challenging to cope with such conditions, but I imagine those who grow up in the area become accustomed to them.

On the other hand, during late June to early August, it never truly gets dark, which could feel unusual. Nevertheless, Norway boasts breathtaking scenery and is definitely on my travel bucket list.

Due to the colorful wooden houses’ close proximity to the street, potted daffodils and tulips serve as substitutes for traditional shrubs in Bergen.

In Norway, you will come across numerous red wooden houses. Take note of the charming handkerchief trim above the windows.

Every little street and walkway in Bergen seems to beckon you, inviting you to explore its hidden treasures.

Nhat Dang