Cozy Little House Amidst the Forest: Utilizing Space, Huge Windows, Swings, and Interior Staircases

Cozy Little House Amidst the Forest: Utilizing Space, Huge Windows, Swings, and Interior Staircases

Feeling tired of the city? It’s time for a change of scenery! That’s why secluded, remote small vacation homes or guest houses surrounded by nature have become so popular.

Even our country cottages are perfectly suited for this and remain relevant. This house is a pleasant testament to that!

At first glance, it looks like a birdhouse. The natural character of the cabin-style house is achieved through its wooden exterior and round windows (hello, hobbits!). It is situated on a significant slope, which allows for a wide porch-terrace on one side and a small balcony and a spacious double-height area on the other.

Ah, that popular double-height space! Typically, this volume remains unused as everyone enjoys the abundance of air and light. Otherwise, why would you create it if you plan to partition it with a second floor?

And look, there are swings inside the house! It’s not the first time I’ve come across such a design element in houses with high ceilings. Apparently, swings have been a long-standing dream of the homeowners, as they evoke associations of freedom and flight.

It’s a pity that they are merely a pleasant decoration rather than a functional feature. After all, you can’t swing much in a house with such limited space.

There’s a small kitchen area equipped with everything necessary for cooking. The kitchen cabinets also serve as dividers, separating the space into functional zones.

I really like the dining area’s decor, resembling a cozy den, with its spot lighting, alcove, and comfortable seating that encourages heartfelt conversations.

It’s no wonder the “tea corner” is located right above the kitchen island. It’s very convenient for entertaining guests and serving refreshments from the first level.

Here, the use of space is different. The house itself has a small footprint, but every inch is effectively divided: there’s an entrance hall, a kitchen area (with cabinets, a sink, a built-in electric stove, and appliances), a dining area resembling a train compartment with a round window, a living area with a sofa and a swing, a sleeping area, and a separate elevated space for lounging on cushions and watching TV.

Of course, the house is not only beautiful but also functional. It has running water and plumbing, as well as a bathroom. What else do you need for a good vacation?

Nhat Dang