Crafty Dog Tricks Tourists for Food and Cuddles: Pretends to Have a Broken Leg

Crafty Dog Tricks Tourists for Food and Cuddles: Pretends to Have a Broken Leg

Our four-legged friends can be incredibly cunning when it comes to getting cuddles and food. Dogs and cats can play their cards right to earn some extra kibbles and moments of companionship and playtime. And let’s admit it: it’s impossible for the owners of these clever creatures to resist such requests. The story you are about to read is a clear testament to canine intelligence—an intelligence that often serves basic needs and never ceases to amaze us. To achieve what he desired, the protagonist of this story went above and beyond all expectations.

The tale revolves around an adorable caramel-colored dog who spends his days on the streets of Bangkok, Thailand. Thaweeporn Chongplapolkul, a local resident, shared images showcasing how this animal “tricks” tourists and passersby with an incredible stratagem. The woman, who works in the dog’s favorite neighborhood, frequently encountered the clever canine. “This dog has been living near my workplace for several years and always does the same thing to deceive people,” explained Thaweeporn.

Gae, as the dog is named, pretends to have a broken hind leg to attract people’s attention and receive food and caresses. The performance unfolds in the same manner each time: the dog drags himself on his front legs until someone notices him and approaches. Once he gets what he wants, Gae resumes moving normally. It’s truly an Oscar-worthy act!

The video in question captures the dog’s behavior when a motorcyclist comes into view. Gae pretends to be injured, prompting the man to pull over and come to the aid of the “struggling” animal. But as soon as the rider returns to his bike and rides off, the dog resumes moving on all four legs as if nothing happened. Thaweeporn explained that the dog always has access to rice but apparently puts on this act to obtain different and more delicious foods. The footage is hilarious, and the cunning Gae can only evoke tremendous sympathy from us!

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