Creating Welcoming Flowerbeds at the Entrance: Sharing Exciting Ideas

Creating Welcoming Flowerbeds at the Entrance: Sharing Exciting Ideas

Even the most beautiful property with an elite house appears dull and unwelcoming without live plants. That’s why, right after purchasing my home, I started planning the future flowerbeds. My house is quite old, so it definitely needs vibrant flowerbeds in the summer to rejuvenate its surroundings.

Flowerbeds Along the Pathways
Live plants can serve as colorful borders along garden pathways. The shape of such flowerbeds depends on the available space near the pathways. Since I have plenty of vacant areas, I’ve decided to bring my dreams to life. The first thing I’ll do after completing the house renovations is to plant bulbous plants along the pathways, such as tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, decorative onions, anemones, and winter aconites.

Caring for these flowerbeds will depend on the method of bulb digging. If the bulbs remain in the ground for several years, I’ll reduce watering in the second half of summer. After removing the withered above-ground parts of the bulbous plants, I plan to plant container summer flowers in their place. I intend to use petunias, lobelias, lion’s mouths, and marigolds.

Flowerbeds along the pathways with border plants create a stunning effect. The flower species can be planted on one side of the pathway. I particularly liked compositions of phlox paniculata, as they look absolutely magnificent!

Fragrant Flowerbed at the Entrance
I have a strong desire to have roses growing near the entrance of my home. Lush, magnificent rose bushes that bloom continuously in summer and exude a delightful fragrance. After completing the major renovation work, I’ll try to plant rose bushes similar to the ones shown in the photo. In the meantime, I’ll place containers here, and some of my roses are already growing in pots.

Monochrome Flowerbed of Perennials
Along the shaded sections of the pathways, I can plant several hydrangea bushes. These lush plants will adorn the garden. There’s no need to fear monotony since these eye-catching bushes with their abundant clusters of colorful flowers attract attention and create a luxurious atmosphere.

In addition to hydrangeas, other flowering plants can be used in this monochrome flowerbed. Astilbes, different varieties of heuchera, and hostas look exceptionally stunning in a monochromatic display.

Container Flowerbeds
I really admire mobile flowerbed options, where the most decorative plants are positioned in the foreground. This year, I’ll plant border dahlias, tuberous begonias, petunias, geraniums, marigolds, and various-colored salvias in containers. I’ll mix and match them as they bloom.

Hanging Flowerbeds – A World of Imagination
If space is limited in the garden (fortunately not in my case) or if the garden composition requires added grace and airiness, one can plant vibrant flowers in hanging baskets.

I’m itching to get started on these ideas, and inspiration is in the air, but for now, I’m nurturing seedlings for my beautiful future flowerbeds.


Nhat Dang