Cristiano Ronaldo: From a Garbage Collector and Food Beggar to a Wealthy Football Legend

Cristiano Ronaldo: From a Garbage Collector and Food Beggar to a Wealthy Football Legend

Cristiano Ronaldo has had an incredible journey in life, from a boy who used to collect garbage and beg for food to a current football legend with an annual income of $200 million.

Ronaldo’s remarkable journey to success

The Portuguese football legend, Cristiano Ronaldo (38 years old), grew up in poverty. As a child, Ronaldo had to beg for food for his family. Currently, he is estimated to have a net worth of over $900 million and provides stable support for his mother and three siblings.

In the history of world football, Ronaldo is recognized as one of the most successful footballers of the 21st century. He is likely to become one of the few billionaires in the sports world.

Looking back at Ronaldo’s humble beginnings, it is truly astonishing to see the challenging path he went through in life. Ronaldo grew up in a poor family, with his father being heavily addicted to alcohol. The Ronaldo family lived in the Sao Pedro neighborhood in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal.

Young Ronaldo collecting garbage and begging for food

As a young boy, Ronaldo took up the job of sweeping the streets in the neighborhood to support the family with some extra income. He also used to beg for food to ensure his family could have enough to eat.

Ronaldo’s father, Jose Dinis Aveiro, was a severe alcoholic, and there was hardly a day when he was not drunk. Jose worked as a gardener, but the job was unstable. He also had many psychological problems, leaving the burden of the family on Ronaldo’s mother, Dolores.

In past interviews, Ronaldo always proudly recounted the difficult journey he went through. Witnessing his family often going hungry, young Ronaldo took on the task of sweeping the streets to earn some money for his mother. He also stood outside food stores to ask for leftover food that was about to be thrown away.

A heartbreaking relationship with his addicted father

Despite facing all these difficulties in his early life, Ronaldo reached the pinnacle of success in the sports world. He not only had a successful career and international fame but also managed to build an enormous wealth for himself. However, the saddest part for Ronaldo is that his father could not witness his great achievements.

His father passed away due to liver failure in 2005. Although he couldn’t witness the glory achieved by his youngest son, he knew from the beginning of Ronaldo’s football career that he would become a renowned figure in the football world.

Ronaldo learned about a touching interview his father had given to a reporter when he was not yet a star footballer. Ronaldo was deeply moved upon knowing this and said, “I never knew about the interview my father gave. It’s unbelievable that he was proud of me even when I was just starting my professional football career. I am really touched.”

Despite his challenging childhood, Ronaldo does not feel bitter when recalling those days. He grew up beautifully and is a family-oriented man. Ronaldo maintains a close relationship with his mother and three siblings. The football legend cherishes his family bonds.

A highly successful career, but family remains his priority

At the age of 14, Ronaldo stopped attending high school to pursue a professional football career. After a successful playing career, he is now among the richest athletes in the world at the age of 38. He currently earns around $200 million per year while playing for Al Nassr in Saudi Arabia.

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