Cristiano Ronaldo: The Growing Family of a Soccer Legend

Cristiano Ronaldo: The Growing Family of a Soccer Legend

Cristiano Ronaldo recently announced to the world the addition of a new member to his family. It’s a baby girl, the first child with his girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez.

Cristiano Jr

On June 17, 2010, Ronaldo surprised the world by announcing on his personal page that he was becoming a father for the first time. His firstborn son was named Cristiano Jr, after his father. The baby was born in the United States and was brought back to Madrid by his grandmother, Dolores, from a private hospital there. Since then, Cristiano Jr has been living in Spain with his famous father.

The identity of Cristiano Jr’s mother has remained a well-kept secret. Speculations suggest that she was an American waitress. There were also rumors that Ronaldo had used a surrogate mother, with the cost estimated to be around £10 million.

Despite the numerous speculations, the Ronaldo family has kept the birth of Cristiano Jr under wraps. Ronaldo’s sister, Elma, even went as far as saying that the baby’s mother had passed away to avoid questions from the media. Only recently did Ronaldo share a few details about his son’s mother.

“People speculate about this and that, saying I slept with this girl or that girl, or I paid someone to carry the baby. I have never told anyone and never will. When Cristiano Jr grows up, I will explain the situation to him because he deserves to know,” said Ronaldo.

Ronaldo also emphasized that his son “only needs a father.” And indeed, for the past seven years, he has fulfilled his role as a devoted dad.

Eva and Mateo

In early June 2017, the Portuguese television channel SIC reported that Ronaldo was about to welcome twin babies via a surrogate mother. In July, Ronaldo confirmed the news on his Facebook page after Portugal was eliminated by Chile in the Confederations Cup semi-finals.

“While I was representing the national team, even though I was so emotionally and physically drained, I still had to make an effort for my two children who were born. It’s a shame we couldn’t win, but we still have higher goals at the World Cup next year.” The Portuguese Football Federation allowed Ronaldo to miss the third-place playoff match so he could be with his newborn twins.

Ronaldo has since regularly shared pictures of the twins on his social media. However, he has not revealed any further information about them. According to the Portuguese media, the twins are a boy and a girl named Mateo and Eva. Their mother is an American woman living on the West Coast of the United States. Ronaldo reportedly paid her €200,000 for the surrogacy.

Like Cristiano Jr, Eva and Mateo were born in a private hospital in the United States and were brought back to Spain by Dolores.

Alana Martina

Amidst much speculation, Ronaldo confirmed in July that his girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, was pregnant with his child. At the time, Georgina was five months pregnant, and this announcement came just weeks after Ronaldo welcomed his twins, Mateo and Eva.

About a month ago, Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez livestreamed a joyful day spent together with their children. During a conversation with fans, Ronaldo revealed the name of their upcoming baby.

“I chose the first name, and Georgina chose the second. Our daughter’s name will be Alana Martina, and I just wanted to share that. I think it’s a beautiful name,” said Ronaldo. He also revealed that the baby’s due date was November 21.

However, on November 12, Georgina went into early labor. Ronaldo took her to Quiron Universal Hospital, near their luxurious residence in La Finca, Spain. There, Georgina successfully gave birth to baby Alana Martina. This is Ronaldo’s fourth child and the first for Georgina.

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