Criticism Targets Messi’s Wife for Alleged Dependency, Ignites Debate

Criticism Targets Messi’s Wife for Alleged Dependency, Ignites Debate

An unexpected criticism from Yanina Latorre, the wife of former striker Diego Latorre and a well-known female reporter, has ignited controversy surrounding Antonella Roccuzzo—Lionel Messi’s wife. On an Argentine television program, Yanina Latorre made a remark that Antonella is unable to do anything beyond living off her husband. She asserted that Antonella’s popularity and brand endorsements in Europe stem solely from her connection with Messi, implying that without him, she wouldn’t have achieved anything noteworthy.

This assertion has been met with strong disagreement from many quarters. Critics argue that Antonella, as a mother of three—Thiago, Mateo, and Ciro—plays a pivotal role in maintaining a stable family environment that supports Messi. Some contend that being a homemaker and caring for children is an arduous task, especially considering Messi’s busy schedule and demanding career. The relationship between Messi and Antonella goes back to their early childhood when they were only 5 years old. Their connection grew over time, and they started dating in 2008. In 2017, they tied the knot in their hometown of Rosario. Their union has become a model for many, amassing a global fan base.

Messi frequently expresses his profound pride in his family, stating, “Now I only think about my family. My wife and children are the most important thing to me.”

The narrative of Messi and Antonella’s predestined bond has been widely acknowledged, dating back to their formative years, suggesting a natural alignment between the two.

Contrary to the assertion made by Yanina Latorre, several counterarguments stand out. Antonella hails from an affluent family in Argentina, with her grandmother being the founder of the Unico supermarket chain. Over time, Messi’s wife has accumulated substantial wealth. In collaboration with Sofia Balbi, Luis Suarez’s wife, Antonella established a chain of shoe stores in Barcelona. Her estimated net worth is around $25 million, a testament to her individual accomplishments.

Nghia Pham