David Beckham was filmed by his wife Victoria painting a HUGE mural of Lionel Messi

David Beckham was filmed by his wife Victoria painting a HUGE mural of Lionel Messi

David Beckham’s artistic talents have been showcased in a captivating video captured by his wife Victoria. The footage shows David putting the final touches on a massive mural of Lionel Messi, displaying his incredible skills both on and off the football pitch. Victoria proudly declares that there is “nothing David Beckham can’t do,” emphasizing his versatility and immense talent.

As the manager of Inter Miami, Beckham has secured the signing of Lionel Messi, a move that will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the most significant in Major League Soccer. With this monumental achievement under his belt, Beckham took to a towering crane to help paint the mural of the iconic new signing for Inter Miami.

Victoria shared the clip on Instagram, providing an insight into Beckham’s dedication and attention to detail. The video captures him whitening the teeth of the larger-than-life Messi mural, showcasing his commitment to creating a stunning work of art. Victoria’s accompanying captions express her admiration for Beckham’s painting skills, referring to him as “quite the artist” and praising his accomplished work.



David Beckham filmed by wife Victoria painting HUGE Lionel Messi mural as Inter Miami set to welcome World Cup winner

Fans were quick to join in the excitement, hailing Beckham’s multi-talented nature and applauding the impressive portrait of Messi. One fan even humorously asked, “Is there anything that Lionel Messi can’t do?” The mural is a testament to Beckham’s artistic abilities, which complement his prowess as a football legend.

While Beckham played a crucial role in securing Messi’s signing for Inter Miami, he humbly shares the credit for the mural. As Messi prepares to join the team, having left PSG on a free transfer, all eyes will be on him to see if he can continue to deliver exceptional performances on the pitch.

Beckham’s venture into mural painting not only showcases his artistic side but also adds another dimension to his already remarkable career. With his undeniable talent, boundless ambition, and now his artistic flair, David Beckham continues to captivate and inspire us all.

Nghia Pham