Defying the Odds: Severely Burned Pitbull Embraces Life with Love

Defying the Odds: Severely Burned Pitbull Embraces Life with Love

Justice the Pit Bull is a dog whose true beauty lies beneath the surface. Despite not fitting the conventional image of a typical dog, he possesses a unique and endearing charm. Unfortunately, Justice had a challenging start to life that was in no way his fault. He endured mistreatment and abandonment, until he found refuge at the Shelbyville/Shelby County Animal Shelter, where he discovered the love and respect that every dog deserves. Today, Justice is defying the odds and embracing life, while harboring a wish for his cruel abusers to face the consequences of their actions.

Justice’s journey began when he was found on the streets of Indiana in 2018, suffering from severe chemical burns that seemed to have been intentionally inflicted. Miraculously, he survived the ordeal, albeit alone for a short period. The shelter immediately provided him with essential medical care, bandaging his wounds and facilitating his gradual healing. While he may never physically resemble his former self, it doesn’t matter to the shelter staff and everyone who has come to know him.

Veterinarian Jessica Lynch shared, “He was very sad at first… He has a lot more character now. He’s a very happy, spunky little guy.”

After receiving a year of medical attention and training, Justice was ready for adoption. Prospective owners from different states and even countries had expressed interest in giving him a forever home. However, due to the shelter’s policy of wanting to remain close in case further treatment was required, applications were only accepted from individuals residing within a 100-mile radius.

As expected, Justice quickly found a loving home and settled in comfortably. His new parents continue to share updates about his progress on social media, where he has garnered a substantial following. Despite the hardships he has faced, Justice is now enjoying life to the fullest, a fact that is evident to all who follow his journey.

Training Justice proved to be challenging due to his troubled past. He often displayed stubbornness and resistance to commands. To address this, he worked diligently with a skilled dog trainer named Lexi for over a year. Through their training sessions, a bond formed between them, and Justice became much more cooperative. According to Lexi, he only has one more session left.

With each passing day, Justice grows more comfortable in his new home. He now seeks affection and is more demonstrative than before, eagerly enjoying belly rubs from his devoted parents. Though seemingly small, the act of rolling over and exposing his vulnerable belly is a testament to his trust in humans. He is confident that he is safe from any further pain in their presence.

Justice for Justice
Since the beginning, the shelter has been committed to identifying the perpetrators responsible for Justice’s abuse. The reward for information leading to their conviction started at $5,000 and has since increased to a total of $20,000.

Although there are still unresolved cases, numerous anonymous tips have brought the shelter closer to finding the culprits. They managed to track down a former owner of Justice, who went by the name “Roscoe” at the time. It remains unclear whether the person claiming to have given Justice away prior to the incident is telling the truth. Unfortunately, there is insufficient evidence to convict anyone for this heinous act in either scenario.

While Justice may never receive the justice he truly deserves, his resilience and ability to embrace a loving life serve as a powerful testament to the strength of his spirit. His story has touched the hearts of many, inspiring others to advocate for the protection and care of animals in need.

Nghia Pham