Deni Kirkova’s Adventurous Experience with a Unique Swimsuit Made of Sticky Tape

Deni Kirkova’s Adventurous Experience with a Unique Swimsuit Made of Sticky Tape

In a daring endeavor, 28-year-old female reporter Deni Kirkova shared her unusual encounter while donning a provocative swimsuit crafted from adhesive tape during a beach outing.

The captivating swimwear collection by Black Tape Project, unveiled during New York Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2019, made waves on Instagram, and numerous models were seen showcasing this unconventional attire at beachside locales, pool parties, and even the freewheeling Coachella music festival.

Deni Kirkova, a London-based journalist, decided to embrace this trend and experiment with it firsthand.

As the latest iteration of Black Tape Project featured a broader selection of metallic designs, Deni chose to sport a sexy variation of this unique creation on St Kilda beach in Melbourne, Australia.

Reflecting on her experience, the 28-year-old shared, “I tried a black adhesive bandage swimsuit last year, but the metallic version is quite different. It’s more vibrant, flashy, and eye-catching. I really love the look; I feel like a mermaid in real life, though the material is quite delicate.”

Preparing to don this distinctive ensemble required the assistance of a makeup artist. “I thought it would be applied quickly, like with black tape, but the metallic version takes twice as long due to cutting it into numerous small pieces,” Deni revealed.

After spending an intriguing few hours in the restroom of a beachside café, Deni stepped onto the sand. Her appearance garnered mixed reactions from onlookers. Some praised the boldness of the suit, while others expressed doubts about its practicality for a beach setting.

As the wind picked up, Deni began to face challenges. “Strong gusts of wind caused some of the tape to come loose, and the natural movement of the body also led to tape falling off,” she shared. Even seagulls posed a problem, as one swooped down to snatch her fries, causing the tape to loosen. Deni realized that the swimsuit wasn’t well-suited for beach activities, as it easily detached when exposed to water or sweat, and did not conform to body movements as effectively as its black counterpart.

The process of re-applying the tape required assistance from the makeup artist, as Deni noticed that the metallic version was not as adhesive as she had anticipated. Drinking beverages posed a dilemma as well, as bathroom visits involved removing and reapplying the tape in sensitive areas. While Deni found the metallic tape swimsuit to be aesthetically captivating, she deemed it more suitable for photoshoots and special occasions rather than practical beachwear.

Nghia Pham