Dog Adopts Baby Fox After Tragic Accident

Dog Adopts Baby Fox After Tragic Accident

In unfortunate circumstances where a baby wild animal loses its parent, like Dinozzo, a fox cub whose mother tragically perished in a car accident, their chances of survival are often slim.

However, fortune smiled upon this three-week-old fox cub as he was entrusted to a veterinarian’s care and subsequently adopted by a compassionate German couple who owned a loving collie dog named Ziva. Ziva’s innate motherly instincts played a crucial role in nursing the young fox back to health.

Werner and Angelika Schmaing, residents of Oberscheld, Germany, not only owned Ziva, but also had a Bengal cat named Leopold and two adopted piglets.

Surprisingly, Leopold has developed an unlikely friendship with the now-recovered fox cub. This caring duo of dog and cat welcomed Dinozzo with open arms, and he has now become accustomed to using the cat door as his regular means of entering and exiting the house. Despite having the freedom to explore the surrounding area, it appears that he prefers the company of his beloved companions for the time being.

The heartwarming story of this fox cub, who was rescued following the car accident that claimed his mother’s life, showcases the compassionate nature of Ziva and her family. According to Werner, “The fox has gotten used to getting in and out of the house through the cat door.” Additionally, Dinozzo has formed a special bond with their Bengal cat, Leopold. Werner further expresses, “Ziva and Leopold fell in love with the little fox immediately.”

As foster parents, Ziva and Leopold have provided a nurturing environment for the young ones. Werner remarks, “The interaction of animals is very much like siblings in a family.” Their dynamics are mostly harmonious, often filled with playful moments and occasional moments of tiredness, as they peacefully sleep together in one place.

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