Dog Refuses To Let Baby Sleep Alone, Parents Find Out Why And Call The Police

Dog Refuses To Let Baby Sleep Alone, Parents Find Out Why And Call The Police

When Cheryl Lynn Howard and her husband welcomed their first child into the world, they were taken aback by their dog’s peculiar behavior towards the baby. Little did they know that this discovery would shake them to their core.

Cheryl and Howard had been a couple for over a decade when they discovered they were expecting a baby. Their journey to parenthood had not been easy, as they had faced struggles and uncertainties along the way. Cheryl, in particular, had grappled with the possibility of not being able to conceive. To bring some solace to his wife’s heart, Howard decided to adopt an adorable and affectionate dog, whom they named Mittens.

As years went by, the couple’s love for Mittens grew alongside their unwavering hope of having a child. One day, Howard noticed a peculiar change in Mittens’ behavior. The dog seemed to be overly protective of Cheryl, constantly whining at the door whenever she left the room. This raised concerns for both Howard and Cheryl, as they couldn’t discern any apparent health issues affecting their furry companion.

Perplexed by Mittens’ actions, Howard sat down with Cheryl one evening to discuss the matter. To their surprise, Cheryl proposed a wild theory—Mittens was becoming increasingly protective of her, especially when Howard showed affection towards her. Wanting to test her theory, Cheryl discreetly slipped away to the bathroom. When she returned, tears streaming down her face, she held in her hand a positive pregnancy test.

Overwhelmed with joy, Howard joined his wife in tears of happiness, realizing that they were going to become parents. In that moment, they embraced Mittens, showering him with treats for his unwavering loyalty to his “mom.” They were amazed at the perceptive nature of their dog.

Fortunately, Mittens continued to exhibit his protective instincts long after the pregnancy ended. Cheryl gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby girl named Skye, a tribute to Mittens’ striking blue eyes. As they returned home with their bundle of joy, Cheryl was greeted by Howard and her best friend, Wanda, who had been a constant source of support throughout their journey. Wanda had become Auntie Wanda to Skye, providing an extra pair of hands during the early stages of parenthood.

However, despite the harmonious atmosphere, Mittens seemed far from relieved. The dog remained vigilant, guarding both Cheryl and Skye, and refusing to leave their side. This behavior puzzled the couple, but in the midst of exhaustion and adjustment to their new life, they chose to overlook it temporarily.

As the weeks went by, Howard’s worry intensified. Mittens had developed a peculiar routine, fiercely guarding Skye at night and refusing to go on walks unless Cheryl and the baby were present. Around two months after Skye’s birth, Howard and Cheryl’s patience wore thin. They loved Mittens dearly, but their growing discomfort with his agitated behavior raised concerns for their daughter’s safety.

Amidst their busy lives and lack of downtime, Howard planned a surprise date night for Cheryl, enlisting Wanda to babysit Skye. Nervous about leaving her baby, Cheryl hesitated but ultimately decided to go, hoping to demonstrate to Mittens that temporary separation was normal. They enjoyed a wonderful evening, relishing in non-baby-related conversations and connecting as a couple.

Their joy was short-lived when Wanda called halfway through dinner, reporting Mittens’ distress and aggression towards her. Howard and Cheryl rushed home, only to find Skye soundly asleep in her crib and Wanda watching television with a troubled Mittens. After ensuring Wanda’s well-being, Cheryl focused her attention on Mittens, observing his increasingly odd behavior. It was then that Howard remembered.

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