Dui the Dog: From Internet Sensation to Proud Father, His Playful Nature Shines On

Dui the Dog: From Internet Sensation to Proud Father, His Playful Nature Shines On

The incredible journey of a dog named Dui has captured the attention of people worldwide, three years after he first rose to fame. Dui, known for his distinctive “cà khà” nature, has become a father and continues to exhibit his playful personality despite his changing appearance.

In February 2020, a series of photos featuring a chubby, gray-furred puppy with a humorous expression took social media by storm. The dog, affectionately named Nguyen Van Dui by his owners Hai Anh and Tuan, is a mix of the short-legged Dingo and the indigenous H’Mong breed. The H’Mong breed, known for its intelligence, good health, and unwavering loyalty, is a renowned hunting dog from the northern mountainous region of Vietnam.

Dui’s endearing moments and mischievous face quickly garnered the interest of many people, and he soon became a popular subject for photo manipulations by netizens, thanks to his unique expressions. The fanpage created by Dui’s owners amassed over 200,000 likes.

His popularity transcended national borders, spreading to various Asian countries and gaining coverage on foreign news sites such as Bored Panda, Metro, and entertainment platform 9GAG. Even a popular Weibo account called BOBO, boasting over 500,000 followers on the Chinese social network, adored Dui and shared a series of Chibi-style paintings featuring him.

Amidst the whirlwind of Dui’s fame, his owner expressed astonishment, saying, “Just over five days after creating the page, we have already surpassed 50,000 likes. This dog attracts fans not only in Vietnam but from all over the world. Dui is a crossbreed between a native dog and a short-legged Dingo. However, I also believe that his unique features may be the result of a genetic mutation. I bought him in a mountainous province of Vietnam.”

As time went on, Dui’s frequent appearances in the media subsided, but he continued to delight his fans. The lovable canine, with his captivating gaze, maintained a fan page with nearly 250,000 followers, and each post garnered thousands of interactions.
A few months ago, netizens were once again captivated by Nguyen Van Dui when his owner shared a photo featuring Dui alongside his wife and their small children. The once mischievous dog, playfully nicknamed “stupid,” had become a loving father and a devoted “husband.” However, despite his newfound parental responsibilities, Dui’s funny expressions remained unchanged.

Among Dui’s five offspring, one is said to be an “older brother” bearing a striking resemblance to Dui, while the remaining four dogs inherit their mother’s genes. However, like their father, these pups exhibit a charmingly “stupid” nature. Although Dui has grown and undergone physical changes, his short legs and slightly elongated snout remain. Nguyen Van Dui stands out as one of the few pets in Vietnam who has managed to sustain his popularity even after becoming an internet sensation.

Hoan Le