Elephant and Bella the Labrador’s Endearing Friendship through Swimming

Elephant and Bella the Labrador’s Endearing Friendship through Swimming

Bubbles the elephant and Bella the Labrador have formed a close bond through their shared love for swimming.

Bubbles, a 32-year-old African elephant weighing four tons, was adopted in 1983 after her family fell victim to ivory poachers.

In 2007, Bubbles crossed paths with Bella when a contractor, assigned to construct a swimming pool for Bubbles, abandoned Bella as a puppy at The Preserve, as depicted in the video.

The availability of the pool and nearby river provided these two remarkable creatures with an opportunity to interact and fostered a deep and enduring friendship. Their bond was nurtured through their mutual affection for the water. Presently, they are nearly inseparable.

A heartwarming example of their camaraderie can be seen in a video where Bella climbs onto Bubbles’ back and plunges into the water to retrieve a ball. It’s an incredibly endearing sight that can be watched countless times until overwhelmed by cuteness.

On one occasion, when Bella got injured and had to spend three weeks recovering indoors, Tara patiently waited outside the sanctuary office until they were joyfully reunited.

Tragically, Bella passed away in 2011, and Tara mourned the loss of her beloved friend. The incredible story can be watched here, but be forewarned that it is likely to bring tears to your eyes.


Nhat Dang