Enchanting Tale of Two Curly-Haired Doll-Like Sisters from Quang Nam

Enchanting Tale of Two Curly-Haired Doll-Like Sisters from Quang Nam

Quang Nam is home to a mother, a true embodiment of love and nurturing, who brought forth two enchanting daughters resembling dolls. The captivating allure of these two daughters is undeniable, yet a peculiar trait adorns their heads, attracting attention on the streets.

With skin as fair as ivory and round eyes that could melt hearts, Yen Nhi’s two daughters are adorned with a particularly delightful feature – their natural, bouncy curly hair. The youngest of the duo sports curls so exquisite that netizens promptly dubbed her a “super creation,” an epitome of beauty, inspiring the desire to sire a princess of their own.

Internet denizens have playfully likened the curly-haired darling to the charismatic Cong Phuong, a notable figure in the realm of football. A series of photographs portraying this farm girl with curls reminiscent of a delicate doll has stirred excitement and admiration across online communities.

Residing in Tam Ky, Quang Nam, Ms. Nguyen Yen Nhi is the mother to two adorable daughters: 23-month-old Tran Y Nhien and the younger, 6-month-old Tran Thao Nhien.

Reflecting upon her journey, Nhi recounted her initial experience as a first-time mother during the birth of Y Nhien. Challenges surfaced, as her inexperience with pregnancy care left her grappling with health issues. Nonetheless, her determination triumphed, with the baby making her debut at 2.5kg, exuding an endearing charm that was impossible to ignore.

With her second child, Nhi’s journey was more seasoned. Armed with knowledge from her previous experience, she meticulously tended to every aspect of her pregnancy. Thao Nhien’s arrival, weighing 2.8kg, marked a momentous occasion. Both daughters inherited their father’s distinct features – naturally curly hair and long lashes – often leading observers to mistake him for a foreigner.

In a lighthearted tone, Nhi shared the amusing reactions her children garnered as they ventured outdoors. When accompanying their father, the likeness was so striking that strangers could readily identify the connection. Yet, with her, good-natured scolding followed – “How could you let her hair get so tangled at such a tender age?” – an unexpected quirk she takes in stride.

Baby Y Nhien, lauded for her astuteness, demonstrated remarkable progress among her peers. Not yet two, she articulated herself with clarity, grasping context and swiftly imbibing knowledge. Her musical talents, story narration, and even independent eating were sources of wonderment. The decision to enroll her in kindergarten at 13 months was a testament to her precocious nature.

Y Nhien’s ebullient personality and respectful demeanor warmed the hearts of those around her. Although the rebelliousness of the “terrible twos” occasionally surfaced, it hardly eclipsed her charming disposition.

Thao Nhien, at a different stage of development, is navigating the world with curiosity and innocence. Expressing an easygoing nature, her interactions with strangers are marked by curiosity and an immediate fondness for her parents.

These two sisters, Y Nhien and Thao Nhien, are the epitome of doll-like beauty. Their adventures span Thailand to the Northwest, a testimony to their familial bond and unquenchable curiosity. The affectionate presence of their father amplifies their joy, a reflection of his dedication and genuine love.


In this narrative of maternal love, Nhi’s journey remains remarkably devoid of exhaustion. A supportive husband contributes significantly, sharing childcare responsibilities with zeal. Weekends brim with family outings, bonding, and adventure.

Thus, Quang Nam’s mother continues to cherish her life, blessed with two radiant daughters who mirror her devotion. In their unique story, resilience, and love intertwine, creating an enchanting tapestry that shall forever be cherished.

Nghia Pham