Bear’s Heartwarming Moment: Experiencing Water for the First Time After 9 Years of Captivity

Bear’s Heartwarming Moment: Experiencing Water for the First Time After 9 Years of Captivity

Meet Tuffy, a bear who had endured unimaginable suffering during his nine-year imprisonment in a cramped cage at a bile farm. These farms subject bears to excruciating pain as workers extract bile from their gallbladders for use in traditional medicine. To make matters worse, the bears are strapped into torturous vests during this process.

After enduring years of torment, Tuffy was finally rescued by Animals Asia. They brought him to their sanctuary in Vietnam, where a veterinarian examined him. Tuffy’s gallbladder was so severely damaged that it had to be removed. Additionally, the bear had three fractured teeth that required extraction, and his paws were dry, cracked, and agonizing.

Louise Ellis, the Bear Manager at Animals Asia, explained, “Cracked paws are common among bile farm bears, as they only walk on bars and not on grass. Dehydration likely contributed to this condition as well.”

Once Tuffy had recovered from his surgery, volunteers at Animals Asia introduced him to his new home—a spacious enclosure with a delightful pool for him to frolic in. As soon as Tuffy entered his new domain, he made a beeline for the pool. It was the first time he had ever encountered water, and he was overwhelmed with excitement at the prospect of splashing around.

With pure elation, Tuffy swam and leaped joyfully in the pool. The volunteers couldn’t help but laugh as they watched him, overjoyed to witness the bear reveling in such simple pleasures.

Animals Asia volunteers also discovered that Tuffy had a fondness for the outdoors. He no longer sought refuge in his den at night; instead, he chose to sleep beneath the stars each evening.

“For Tuffy, who had been deprived of water for years, this sanctuary must feel like an oasis after enduring such prolonged pain and dehydration,” remarked Louise Ellis. “Being able to immerse himself in the water must have brought tremendous relief, considering he had spent years confined to the hard metal bars of the bile farm cage.”

Over the following year, Tuffy regained his strength. He gained weight and continued to relish his newfound freedom. When Tuffy’s health had sufficiently improved, he was placed in an enclosure with 15 other moon bears who had also endured challenging pasts. Tuffy adored socializing and quickly became one of the leaders among his peers.

“We all adore Tuffy; his playful nature makes it impossible not to fall in love with him. And on good days, everyone wants to be his friend,” shared bear manager Sarah van Herpt.

In more positive news, the Vietnamese government announced its commitment to completely eradicate bear bile farming in the country by 2020. Soon, all the bears trapped in these farms will be relocated to sanctuaries, where they can experience the same joy and freedom that Tuffy now knows.

After nine long years confined in a tiny cage, Tuffy has finally found a place to call home. If you want to witness Tuffy’s delightful moments in the pool, be sure to watch the video below!

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