Creating a Low-Maintenance Garden: Exploring Beautiful Design Options

Creating a Low-Maintenance Garden: Exploring Beautiful Design Options

For me, a low-maintenance garden is one that is divided into zones, each with its own rules on how to minimize work.

But what would it all look like together?

Here is probably the most low-maintenance garden. But it’s sad. We already have seven months of bare branches. And meditating next to roses is much better than with rocks.

Something with a hint of a Japanese garden, but more cheerful. Evergreens, maple, and rhododendron. Not much work in such a garden.

An interesting section. A flat, well-shaped lawn with no permanent figures – easy to mow. There are no flowers in the garden, only shrubs and trees. The spaces between the plants are mulched. There is a relaxation area with a seating arrangement.

An interesting little garden made up entirely of circles. Two flowerbeds with raised borders. Easy to maintain. The lawn is also bordered. The plants are perennial.

A garden-vegetable patch. Raised beds, wide pathways. Gravel mulch.

A flowerbed along the pathway and a rose garden. Mulched and paved with tiles for walking through the flowerbed. Dense plantings. Perennial plants and shrubs.

Rock gardens. Very suitable for our region. We have nothing but rocks. For plants, you have to go to Lake Ladoga. Not much work, but we still want roses.

For myself, I have determined that clear zoning of space and specific rules for each zone are key.

Which garden do you think requires less work?


Nhat Dang