Female Lions Rob Prey, Claw Male Lion’s Eye

Female Lions Rob Prey, Claw Male Lion’s Eye

Not only did they steal the prey from the male lion pride, but the female lionesses also launched cunning attacks that left one male lion with a torn eye.

Three male lions were feasting on a buffalo carcass in the Masai Mara conservation area in Kenya when three lionesses appeared. They charged into the pride to steal the meal.

Most of the lionesses’ attacks were directed towards one particular male lion.

Despite being smaller in size, the female lion pride showed no signs of fear.

Blood streamed from the right eye of the male lion after enduring a series of slashes from the lionesses.

Laurent Renaud and Dominique, two French photographers, witnessed the intense battle and captured the scene.

The male lion retaliated by kicking his opponent in the face with his front leg.

Eventually, the male lion withdrew from the fight due to the severe injury to his eye.

It is highly likely that its right eye will be blinded.

Staying faithful to the original content, this rewritten version portrays the dramatic encounter between the female lion pride and the male lions, highlighting the fierceness of the lionesses and the consequences of the conflict on the male lion.

Nghia Pham