Gardens of My Friends: Adding Personal Style to a Garden

Gardens of My Friends: Adding Personal Style to a Garden

These are the gardens of ordinary flower enthusiasts who don’t have any special training but have a great desire to beautify our world!

What you see before you now is a magnificent plot with junipers, roses, a small pond, and a fountain, a bridge, and a windmill. But once, it was a rough patch of land with two old apple trees.

As soon as Yulianna and her husband bought their country house, they immediately started to develop it. And rightly so. When you have a strong desire and a great willingness to do something, why stop!

In just a year, the plot changed beyond recognition. That’s what determination means.

Yulianna created flower beds, planted plants, and became passionately involved in gardening and flower beds. Sergey, on the other hand, focused on building garden figures, a fountain, and a bridge over a dry stream.

Everything was done by the united family.

Yulianna marked out the flower beds, fenced the lawns with border tape, dug and planted. In short, the couple dedicated all their free time to their new passion.

And the results didn’t take long!

The couple continued to embellish the world around them. They even transferred some of their plants to their entrance in the city apartment. Now, there is beauty there too!

Flowers love to be loved!
That’s why they repay with the same. Love and beauty! I recently read this saying and I fully agree with it.

And in Yulianna and Sergey’s garden, new plants continued to appear: barberries, junipers, yews, hydrangeas, hostas, and many other plants.

Everything grows, blooms, and thrives with health!

Before their eyes, the plot transformed into a blooming and cozy paradise.

Yulianna loves her garden, her home, and her hobby very much!

Now you can see how much work and how many interesting ideas were put into its creation.

And now you can witness the results of their joint family efforts!

All gardens are different from each other! Just like the visions of their owners for their gardens. And there is no limit to perfection!



Nhat Dang