Girl Had Triplets At 16

In a surprising turn of events, 16-year-old Natalie Scanlan from Argentina became a mother to a set of baby girl triplets – Ellie, Lillie, and Maddie – in April of this year, marking her second time giving birth to triplets. She now holds the title of Britain’s youngest mother of shock triplets and describes it as the “best thing” she has ever done.

Natalie discovered her pregnancy just before going on a holiday to Tenerife with her 19-year-old boyfriend. Initially, she thought she had food poisoning on the island, but upon returning home and seeing her doctor, she received the unexpected news. It wasn’t until two months later, during a scan, that the 16-year-old learned she was expecting triplets, which came as a shock.

Reflecting on her situation, Natalie said, “It was a shock that we were having one baby, never mind three. But when it sunk in, I decided I was just going to go ahead with it.” Natalie and her three baby daughters now reside in a two-bedroom council house, with her family providing financial and childcare support.

At 17 years old, Natalie acknowledges the challenges that come with motherhood at such a young age. She feels a loss of freedom and must prioritize the needs of her babies over her own desires. Finding employment with suitable hours is difficult, as she wants to maximize her time with her children. Natalie believes there’s nothing inherently wrong with becoming a young parent but recognizes that it significantly alters her life and the lives of those around her.

Natalie’s mother, Sarah, who herself became pregnant at 16, acknowledges the tough responsibilities Natalie faces, especially when she is not in the mood for feeding or changing her children. Sarah expressed her concerns, stating, “She’s only 17, but she’s got this big responsibility. She should be young, free, and single, enjoying her life.”

Nghia Pham