Heartwarming Dad and Baby Moment Goes Viral: Adorable Comment Melts Viewers’ Hearts

It’s heartwarming when adorable moments between fathers and their babies go viral and melt viewers’ hearts. In the clip mentioned, a mother and her daughter have a playful argument about which word their child should say first. The mother insists that the child should say “mom” first since she has been nurturing and caring for the baby, while the mother-in-law argues that the child should say “dad” first, as it is a family tradition.

Although some people may find the mother-in-law’s reasoning questionable, the boy finds it easier to say “ba, dad,” making his mother-in-law extremely happy. However, the story takes a humorous turn when the boy wakes up at 2 am and repeatedly calls for his father, prompting the whole family to wake up. This unexpected twist leads to laughter and shows that the mother-in-law actually cares deeply for her daughter-in-law.

The clip is meant to be lighthearted and entertaining, but in reality, many babies tend to say “daddy” or “grandma” before “mom” because those words are easier to pronounce. Babies start babbling with different sounds around 6 months of age and can respond to being called by their name. By 1 year old, most babies can say a few simple words and understand basic requests.

Regardless of the order in which babies say their first words, it’s a special and cute milestone for parents. Each child develops at their own pace, and it’s a joy for parents to witness their little ones’ language skills and expressions of happiness or sadness.

Nghia Pham